The people responsible for helping creative talent obtain employment
This person is hired by a studio to help manage every aspect of a television show
This person hires the writing team, signs off on all aspects of the storyline and scripts, and signs off on all decisions regarding the look of the show
The head of the production unit and is responsible for directing the actors and for translating the teleplay into cinematic images in accordance with his/her vision
A writer who is given an outline of an episode and is required to turn that outline into a script
Responsible for all financial aspects of the television show
They deal with scheduling the production, hiring crew and ordering all equipment for the show
Responsible for all aspects of post production
Responsible for setting up and organizing the production and writer offices
Hired by the producer to coordinate and supervise all administrative, financial, and technical details of television production
Keeps track of all financial costs and transactions incurred in the making of a television show
Responsible for maintaining order and discipline on the set
Person who finds, auditions, and negotiates for the service of actors
Responsible to the 1st AD for preparing and distributing the daily paperwork, call sheets, production reports, SAG contracts, etc.
This person assists the 1st and 2nd AD in running the set
Maintains an accurate shooting script and recording in detail all info related to each take
An entry level position within the television industry
Works closely with producers and director to determine how they see the show
Works with the studio and the executive producers to create a “look” for a show
Responsible for the execution of detailed drawings of the sets and construction elements within the set to be built
Responsible for managing the crew that builds the sets
Works closely with the Production Designer to achieve the visual look of the show
Works closely with the Director in translating the screenplay into moving images
Operates the camera and is responsible to the DP for composition, focus, camera movement, and anything that comes within the domain of photography
Individual responsible to the DP for all lighting set ups and procedures on a production
Responsible to the DP and gaffer for providing and placing all diffusion, for facilitating or actuating camera movement, and for moving, erecting, and striking scaffolding.

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