Largest land salamander
Tiger Salamander
State endangered turtle with a long yellow neck
Blanding Turtle
A fish named for their whiskers
An aquatic amphibian found on the bottom of lakes
Also called a "Musk Turtle"
Stinkpot Turtle
This frog has a robber's mask
Wood Frog
This snake is also referred to as "Puff" and "Blow"
Hognose Snake
When frightened, this turtle closes up in its shell
Box Turtle
The inner bark of this tree was used to make tea for upset stomach
This husky member of the weasel family specializes in digging
This bird has a red head and black and white body
Red Headed Woodpecker
This is a short legged plump bird that is active at night
American Woodcock
These mate for life at age 3
Canada Goose
Pokagon State Park is in this county
Steuben County
He was a Potawatomi leader
Simon Pokagon
The leaves of this yellow flowered plant are edible
It's the largest lake in Steuben County
Lake James
It's the Indiana state bird
These dive into the water and come up with fish in their talons
Live in underground burrows and climb trees
Gray fox

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