a vehicle that is similar to a bicycle but only has one wheel unicycle
done by,experienced by,or available to every one universal
having or made up of one color or shades of one color monochromatic
king or queen monarch
able to speak and understand 2 languages bilingual
a 2-footed animal biped
using both eyes binocular
appearing or taking place every 2 weeks or twice a week biweekly
a person who participates in a long distance race that has three parts triathlete
any of several muscles having 3 points of attachment at one end triceps

Elements of Art Crossword


colors that are next to each other on the color wheel analogous
when a color is mixed with white tint
when a color is mixed with black shade
when a color is mixed with gray tone
what you get when you mix primary and secondary colors tertiary
the lightness or darkness of tones or colors value
this ranges from black to white when working with value value scale
this color scheme comes from a single hue mixed with tones, tints and shades monochromatic
these are the main 3 colors needed to create all other colors primary
these colors are created when you mix primary colors together secondary
this is created when light his an object...it lets us see the _____ of an object color
these colors are opposite one another on the color wheel complementary
this element of art is a point (or dot) moving through space to create a shape line
patterns of repeating lines that fill a space zentangle
two dimensional objects that are drawn (ex: circles, squares, triangles) shape
three dimensional objects that are drawn using lines form
this element of art refers to distances around, to and from or between areas space
this can be positive or negative on your paper when sketching space
The many different ways, or views, that can be used while sketching perspective
you give the illusion of this by adding details to the surface of your artwork texture

Color Theory Vocabulary Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

color HUE
the lightness or darkness of a hue VALUE
color plus white, a color that is light TINT
color plus white, a color that is light SHADE
color plus gray TONE
one hue plus tints, shades, and tones of that hue MONOCHROMATIC
two colors that are opposite on the color wheel COMPLIMENTARY COLORS
red, yellow, orange WARM COLORS
blue, green, purple COOL COLORS
red-orange, red-violet, blue-green, blue-violet, yellow-green, yellow-orange INTERMEDIATE COLORS

Colour Theory Crossword


Red and Blue make Violet
The name of a colour Hue
A painting using tints of colour HighKeyPainting
A painting using mostly shades LowKey
It has 12 colours on it colourwheel
Add white to a colour Tint
Add Black to a colour shade
An element of art that is derived from reflected light Colour
Colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel Complementary
Tints and Shade of one colour Monochromatic
Colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel and share a common hue Analogous
3 colours spaced an equal distance apart on the colour wheel Colour Triad
Colours associated with sunshine Warm
Colours associated with ice or water Cool
Path of a moving point line
A closed line shape
Can be organic or geometric shape
The way an object feels or looks like it may feel Texture
Defines the edge and surface ridges of an object Contour
The area around an object space
Objects having 3 dimensions Form
The brightness or dullness of a hue Intensity
A surface that reflects soft, dull light Matte
A drawing method to create value using pressure Shading
A drawing method to create value using dots pointillism

Bi- Words Word Search

Word Search


Adam's 8th Puzzle Crossword


happening every two weeks Biweekly
A bike with three wheels tricycle
a dull sound monotone
a small vehicle with two wheels bicycle
a set of three of a kind triplet
a speech by one person monologue
to cut into two parts bisect
three-sided polygon Triangle
a three-legged object tripod
a single track used for trains monorail
able to speak two languages bilingual
a group of three stories trilogy
control of something by one person monopoly
happening every two months bimonthly
a group of three things trio

Color Theory Crossword


Orange, green, violet Secondary
Yellow is the complement of purple
Another word for color Hue
red, yellow, blue primary
three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel Analogous
Red is the complement of green
blue is the compliment of orange
colors across from each other on the color wheel are complementary
colors that are in between primary and secondary on the color wheel tertiary
comes from one color and its tints, tones, and shades monochromatic
a color + black shade
a color + white tint
a color + grey tone
red and yellow make orange
blue and yellow make green
blue and red make purple
another word for purple violet
colors that are not on the color wheel are neutral
red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, yellow, yellow-orange warm colors
yellow-green, green, blue-green, blue, blue-violet, violet cool colors

Special Arrangements Crossword


__________ ________ is probably the busiest week in a floral shop. Valentine's Day
Father's Day is celebrated on the _______ Sunday of June. third
The ______ _______ revolves around special occasions in people's lives. floral industry
In addition to floral arrangements made for _______ decoration, floral arrangements can be created for the ________ as well. Indoor, outdoor
There are lots of different _______ and _____ of different dried flowers available. colors,quality
Wheat is a symbol of ___ and good fortune. harvest
With new _______ techniques, dried flowers have become quite durable. preservation
Angel vine can act as a frog, or ______ holder, to hold flowers in place in a vase. flower
Most of the industry calls ______ flowers silk flowers. permanent
The really nice, expensive flowers are ____ painted. hand
One of the problems with fresh Christmas greens are they do not hold up too well in ____ or warm conditions. dry
Since there is such a high demand for ____ roses around the holidays, the price does go up. red
_______ is a rounded look, fairly flush and tight with a parallel surface with a uniform look and no variation in depth. pave
Always ____ your vase first. green
Be sure to ___ out the roses in your vase. pan
Roses in ____ will live longer than those in water. foam
Easter is in the ____ and the date changes every year. spring
Specialty picks are small _____ items used for specific holidays or occasions. novelty
Easter is best known for the Easter Lily, ________ ___________. Lilium Longiflorum
Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated over an ____ week. whole
Instead of always using roses in bud vases, we like to use other flowers such as _____ ______. gerbera daisies
I used _____ as my filler flower. heather
I am going to stair step design down in the process of making a ________. triangle
These bud vases last sometimes even ___ weeks or more. two
This is a ____ arrangement, made to look good all the way around. circular
Monochromatic is the use of only one ____ or hue in different shades. color
Mono-botanical is the use of only one type of _____. flower
Corsages have always been popular for ______ Day Mother's
If I am doing a silk arrangement, I would use ______ Styrofoam. dry
Most people like to see ___, _____, and ____ in Memorial Day arrangements. redwhiteblue
This is a nice alternative to a ____ silk arrangement as it lays flat on the grave. standing
Father's Day can be fun as things are a little different and more ____. masculine
Green trick is a member of the ____ family. dianthus
In this arrangement, we dyed the water _____. It is a great way to mix up your normal supplies. green
The fresh pumpkin has been sprayed with a _____ _____. clearcoat
Traditionally, Hanukkah arrangements are _____ and white. blue
Christmas goes on for several _____ for many retail floral shops. weeks
For homes, we do a lot of ____ and silk arrangements. permanent
_______ are the most traditional holiday plant. Poinsettias
We are very careful about what we send to a hospital, especially if someone has an ______ to flowers. allergy

Visual Literacy Vocabulary Crossword


Artwork that has a sense of completion is said to have... unity
Artwork that is created to sell a product and is purely for advertising purposes is called... commerical art
When artwork has a focal point it uses the design principle... emphasis
The illusion of distance (depth) is... space
The range of light and dark is... value
Three dimensional shape is known as form
The repetition of a color, line, or curve often produces the design principle... rhythm
Artwork with balance distributed (weighted) evenly on each side of an imaginary vertical line is called... symmetrical
Having great differences in an element, such as value, produces the design principle... contrast
A ________ is a color with black added to it. shade
A ______ is a color with white added to it. tint
Art that is created for decoration and with useful purpose is... folk art
A material used to create an artwork is called a... medium
The theory of of perceiving and enjoying something for its beauty and pleasurable qualities is... aesthetics
_________ is the path of a point moving through space. Line
A line that suggests an edge rather than clearly defining one is called an... implied line
Colors that are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel are called... complementary
When tints and shades of just one color are used in an artwork it is called... monochromatic
The things that are represented in an artwork such as people, animals, trees, etc. are called... subject
Works that are familiar to the public as art are... traditional
_________ takes art from reality but presents it in a way that is not real. Abstract
Art that is produced at the present period in time is called... contemporary
This type of art usually is associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been thrown aside in a spirit of experimentation. modern art
______ refers to the qualities of an actual surface or the visual representation of a surface (implied.) Texture
_______ art represents actual objects or subjects from reality. Representational
_______ art takes nothing from reality. It is created purely for aesthetic reasons. Nonobjective

mono-, bi-, and tri- Crossword


containing only one color monochromatic
a work of writing specializing on one subject monograph
a long speech made by one person monologue
one-eyed glasses monocle
one letter interwoven into something monogram
the possession of supply but also a board game monopoly
an oxide containing one atom of oxygen monoxide
a muscle with of something bicep
a two-wheeled form of transportation bicycle
200th anniversary of an event bicentennial
speaking two languages bilingual
two-eyed eyewear used in bird watching binoculars
an animal that uses two legs for walking biped
a plane with two sets of wings biplane
a three-pointed weapon resembling a fork trident
three babies born at about the same time to the same family triplets
a three-sided shape triangle
a three-wheeled form of transportation tricycle
a sporting event consisting of three sports done consecutively triathlon
a series containing three books or movies trilogy

Color Theory/Principles & Elements of Art Crossword


Blue,Yellow,Red Primary Colors
Orange,Green,Violet Secondary Colors
This color mixed with Yellow Makes Orange Red
The color. mixed with Yellow makes Green Blue
Adding White to a color to make a color lighter Tint
Adding Black or a Dark color to make the color darker Shade
Colors that are in between Primary and Secondary Colors Tertiary Colors
Yellow is the complement of Purple
Red is the complement of Green
Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel Analogous Colors
3 colors equally spaced around the color wheel create this Triadic
These colors are across from each other on the color wheel Complementary Colors
Pure intensity of a color Hue
Red,Orange,Yellow are this type of color Warm
Blue,Green,Violet are this type of color Cool
Shading from dark to light without color Value
This element of art adds vibrance to a painting or drawing Color
Used to create the effect of hair, scales, or fur Texture
Element of art where you fill in the page in an interesting way. Space