YouTube is my therapy.
The Gabbie Show
I Hate My Selfie (auther)
Shane Dawson
Daily "_______"is gonna teach you, how to, do, something. (ding)
Boop Boop
Hannah Hart
Mama Unicorn
Weeeeeeee... I have 3 dogs.
Jenna Marbles
I built a buisness making socks with ears.
Olga Kay
I came out by kissing my boyfriend at the end of my music video. It broke a lot of young girls hearts.
Joey Graceffa
We are two guys, with a PG morning show featuring a fictional creature by which we call our fans.
Rhett and Link
Haterz back off,
Miranda Sings
I have been on Ellen, been on the Amazing Race, and reacted to my own birth.
Tyler Oakley
My YouTube name alone, tells you how much I love Apple products, but my videos of me dancing in front of thier stores will confirm that.
I dance, play the Violin, and in 2010 I was a quarter-finalist on America's Got Talent.
Lindsey Stirling
You Deserve A Drink
Mamrie Hart
We have many channels, of many colors, covering many topics, run by many people.
I love gators, creppy baby dolls, hauted things, and testing as seen on TV items.
I make gaming videos, and I do verry well for myself. In fact I might just be the face of YouTube Gaming videos, Maybe even YouTube itself?
I wrote a book, that got made into a film, that made everyone cry. (Why did he have to die?!"
John Green
Not a lot of people probably know I was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I have a fan base from my time on Supernatural, as well as my own web series The Guild.
Felica Day
I created YouTube's biggest star with red lipstick and lots of BAEs, and married the man of my dreams. My channel name is "_________________." Two words put together.
One True Pair abbreviation
Friend"_____", or a large boat.
The turm for a creator on the YouTube platform.
A anual Youtube gathering. A list of songs.
A video clip 6 seconds or less. (One word)
The term for a person who lip syncs while looking like a robot mummy in real life.
They can be mean, but the nice ones of these make my day?
When two or more youtubers work together on a videos or videos for mutual benefit.
Social platform everyone treats like a diary, over looked by an obnoxious bird.
place where people go to watch cat videos.
Something more precious than life, that causes havoc when it is shut off.