What skin assessment is consistent w/ cardiac compromise?
What do you rule out first when a pt is experiencing dyspnea?
Polydipsia, Polyphagia and polyuria are symptoms of what?
What drug can the EMT give to a hypoglycemic pt?
Oral Glucose
What system is the cause of paralysis?
What do you use to assist breathing w/a pt in respiratory distress?
The phase in a seizure where the muscle tension is continuous
What plays a role in the immune response?(3words)
White Blood Cells
Too little insulin
What position do you place a pt in who is experiencing breathing distress?
Medical term for White blood cells
A pt should be re-evaluated frequently when they experience severe headache since they are prone to what?
Codeine is considered this
Medical term for hemorrhage under the skin
What pain presents as localized and intense?
What respiratory pattern is associated with compensation for diabetic ketoacidosis?

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