A process that took place from 1865 till 1877.
It offered an official pardon to those who formerly supported the rebellion.
Ten Percent Plan
A group that provided food, education, and legal help to certain poor southerners and freed-people.
Freedmen's Bureau
This required African Americans to sign work contracts, creating working conditions to be very similar to ones as slaves.
Black Codes
This made the south be divided into 5 districts and to be controlled by U.S. military commanders.
Reconstruction Acts
This caused all remaining federal troops to be removed from the south.
Compromise of 1877
These enforced segregation.
Jim Crow Laws
This ruling allowed segregation in "separate-but-equal" facilities.
Plessy v. Ferguson
When landowners provide land and materials for farming, and sharecroppers provide the labor.
A special payment people had to pay before voting.
poll tax
Democrats who brought their party back to power in the south.
Northern-born Republicans who had moved to the south after the war.
A change to the constitution that allowed male African Americans to vote.
Fifteenth Amendment
Gave African Americans the same legal rights as white Americans.
Civil Rights Act of 1866
It made slavery illegal throughout the United States.
Thirteenth Amendment