The point at which the clutch pedal and other parts of the powertrain begin to work together as the driver releases the clutch pedal
Friction point
Giving meaning is a mental process that has to do with understanding what you perceive
Giving meaning
The ability of your eyes quickly adjust from headlights back to the dark
Glare recovery
Ability to see when there is a rapid increase in life
Glare vision
The invisible force that pulls all objects on Earth toward its Center
A sign including a route marker or destination mileage or recreational area
carpool lane
A rule making it unlawful for a person to opperate
Illegal per say law
A law stating that any licensed driver charged with driving Under the Influence or while intoxicated cannot legally refuse to be tested for blood alcohol concentration
Implied consent
Road signs that convey meaning
International signs
Fishing with the tendency of an object in motion to stay in motion and for an object at rest to stay at rest
A situation in which the driver should size up the situation and then use good judgement
Judgement call
To attach a vehicle's dead battery buy cables to a charge battery to start the vehicle
Energy in motion
Kinetic energy
Is of roadway large enough to allow you the space time and visibility needed for a safe movement at any time
Margin of safety
The energy of motion the product of weight and speed
That measures distance traveled by a vehicle
The influence of friends who are in your age group
Peer pressure
Area Vision on the side
Peripheral vision
Forward and backward movement of a car
Can use to keep track of traffic violations by individual drivers
Point system
The skin caused when the accelerator is pressed too hard and suddenly
The parts of the motor vehicle that transmit power from the engine to the wheels
Steering method where the hands don't cross when steering
Push Pull feed steering
The time it takes to slow down from one state to another one or just stop
Rate of deceleration