laos Crossword

Laos currency - L_o K_P (3,3)
has been ___________ the most than any other country
countries included- South Vietnamese, Thailand, U.S.A, and North Vietnamese (3,5,3)
Laos Prime minister - T_o_g_o_n S_s_u_i_h (9,9)
Country to the left of Laos
Country to the right of Laos
Plain of _____
Game in Laos, played with a hole (5,4)
Phou Bia ( highest point in Laos) is not available to tourists because it's filled with unexploded _______________
How many years old was the fossilized person found in a cave in Laos (5,8)
Laos's biggest agriculture export
Capital of Laos
What continent is Laos in
80% of all Laotian work is in _______________
What year did the Laotian civil war start (8,5,3)
Another name for the Lao Civil War - S_c_e_ W_r (6,3)
What is Laos's cuisine - s_i_k_ r_c_ (6,4)
What does SEA games stand for (9,5,5)

Capital Cities of the World Crossword

Capital Cities of the World Crossword

The capital of Estonia
The capital of Nepal
The capital of Kyrgyzstan
The capital of Thailand
The capital of Laos
The capital of Indonesia
The capital of Latvia
The capital of Poland
The capital of Germany
The capital of Belgium
The capital of France
The capital of Spain
The capital of Portugal
The capital of India
The capital of Turkey
The capital of Egypt
The capital of South Africa
The capital of Ecuador
The capital of Chile
The capital of Peru
The capital of Singapore
The capital of Sri Lanka

Vietnam War Crossword

Vietnam War Crossword

What country entered the war to stop communism?
this Country controlled Vietnam before and right after WWII
The leader of the North Vietnam
What were the Vietnamese guerilla fighters called?
the president of the United States since 1963 - 1968
The two countries that helped North Vietnam with supplies
The trail that helped the Vietnamese supply their troops
What country did the United States support during the Vietnam War?
In 1975, the Fall of _________ occured.
What was one type of protest during the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War crossword puzzle

Vietnam War crossword puzzle

The establishment of a colony in one territory.
All property and all means of production belong to the government, private property does not exist and all goods are shared equally.
America's belief that if one country came under control of communists, then neighboring countries would as well.
A form of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants use military tactics to fight a larger army.
Extreme loyalty to one's country.
The army that fought the United States and the South Vietnamese governments.
Individuals that served in the armed forces of their country.
The 35th president of the United States and was assassinated in 1963.
The 37th president of the United States and got them out of the Vietnam War.
The leader of the North vietnamese during the Vietnam War.
The 34th president and was a commander in Europe during WW2.
The 36th president and was put into office after Kennedy was assassinated.
The forced induction of a person into the armed forces.
a series of surprise attacks by the Vietcong and North Vietnamese forces.
American foreign policy to stop the spread of communism.
Help by the United States they fought against North Vietnam.
A sprayable gel that the United States military used as a weapon in the Vietnam War.
President Nixon's plan to take all the United States troops in Vietnam and let South Vietnam fight North Vietnam.
A soldier that has been taken captive by the enemy.
People that are against something.

The Civil War Crossword

The Civil War Crossword

The bloodiest day of the war.
The bloodiest battle of the Civil War.
Northern group. This group was lead by Abraham Lincoln.
The southern group whose leader was Jefferson Davis.
Largest southern jail that help Union soldiers.
General of the Confederacy
Battle that started the war.
President of the United States during The Civil War.
Commander of the Union at the end of the war.
Confederate's strategy. They would export cotton to other countries hoping to become allies.
Northern strategy. The north would destroy the supplies and land of The South
Northern soldier, W.T Sherman, spread his army around the south and destroyed land and supplies.
Largest cause of the Civil War. Union believed the south should not enslave people, while the south thought otherwise.
Compromise set to make the north and south happy by making CA a free state, but other states would now be open to slavery. a very strict fugitive slave act was set. GA Platform was created because of this compromise.
Compromise set where Missouri became a slave state and Maine a free state. Slavery would now not be allowed above the 36,30 line of latitude.
Belief on whether state's rights are more important than federal rights. The south was for this while the north was not.
People opposed to slavery
Northern economic system during the Civil War
Southern economic system during The Civil War
Middle-class farmers. They usually owned less than 100 acres of land.
People who owned no land and got by the best they could. About 1 in 10
The North put tariffs on imported goods, forcing the south to buy goods from the north. SC was the first state to nullify this.

Vietnam War Terms Crossword

Vietnam War Terms Crossword

Organized early Vietnamese independence in the 1920s and 30s- Has a trail named after him?
Organization whose goal was to win Vietnam's independence from from foreign rule? Formed by Ho Chi Minh
American fear that communism would spread in a way that would start small, then continue to topple and become huge?
Former southern Vietnamese president, anti- communist.
The way Vietcong were supplied by Communist North Vietnam?
Granted President Johnson broad military powers in Vietnam? (1964).
Former U.S. Secretary of Defense in the early to mid sixties. Served under Kennedy and LBJ.
Former U.S. Secretary of State in the early to mid sixties. Served under Kennedy and LBJ.
American Commander in South Vietnam?
General Westmoreland was unimpressed with this Southern Voietnmese fighting group?
Gasoline based fire that set fire to the jungle?
Leaf Killing, toxic chemical. Later found to cause cancer.
Civil Rights Leader who said that the proportion of blacks to whites in Vietnam was unfair. Died in 1968
Selective service provides this if needed in a time of war?
War protests got out of control and turned violent at this school in 1970?
Southern Vietnamese with communist loyalties?
Ferocious battle on the part of the North Vietnamese and Vietcong in 1968. Began around Vietnamese New Year
What band wrote the Anti Vietnam War song: "Fortunate Son"
College students had this option to avoid going to war in Vietnam?
America tried to use this strategy in order to prevent the spread of Communism?

Vietnam and Korean War Crossword

Vietnam and Korean War Crossword

A type of government where the government controls business and laws
A free market where business owners control the economy
Not technically a war: tension between the United States and the Soviet Union
A type of government where people vote for representatives to make laws
An invisible divide between countries that supported communism and countries that supported democracy
Where the United States airplanes delivered supplies to West Berlin every day for 321 days
A conflict between North Korea and South Korea that ended in a stalemate
An organization formed to help prevent the spread of communism among free nations
A United States senator that spread the scare of communism in the US
Soviet Union leader after Joseph Stalin
Contest between the United States and the Soviet Union to build and store weapons in case of a war breaking out
When the US discovered the Soviet Union was building missile launching pads in Cuba and President Kennedy blocked any Soviet Union ships from geting into Cuba
Conflict between the North and South Vietnamese: the United States got involved to help the South Vietnamese prevent spreading Communism
British Prime minister
Attack against a person or country
Agreement to stop fighting
An informal organization formed after WWII to promote international peace, security, and cooperation
Base location for the UN
What the Korean war was considered
Which side of Germany built the Berlin wall

Asia crossword

Asia crossword

A country the shape of an elephants head
what country was the First Indochina war held in
what country has 18,306 island
what country has the biggest twin towers in world
what country has the Taipei 101 in it
what country has the mayon volcano in it
what county traditional food is sticky rice
what country did the animal cuscus originate from
what country did the sisamouths come from
What country was visited by the queen in 1983
what country did Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles discover
Great wall of ______________-
Naypyidaw is the capital of what country

World War One Crossword

World War One Crossword

german attack plan in case of two front war
whose assassination resulted in ww1
allaince between Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary
allaince between France, Britain, and Russia
which country switched sides in the war
country that Germany gave a blank check
country that left the war in 1918
having pride in the military and keeping an army ready for war
agreement to stop fighting that ended ww1
limiting supplies such as food and clothes etc.
one sided information created to keep people supporting the war
a way of attack where soldiers run out of trenches at the enemy
the last central power to leave the war
person from the U.S. who made series of peace proposals
french person who was nicknamed Tiger and really wanted Germany to be punished
the country germany invaded to get to France
the front in which France and Britain was fending off Germany
the front at which there was more movement of land gained and lost
Woodrow Wilson's plan for achieving lasting peace
what battle happened july 1-November 18 1916 and was one of the bloodiest battles of the war
what country did the Germans plan on defeating first
country the person who kill Archduke Ferdinand is from
the sinking of what ship caused 1,198 deaths of citizens and almost dragged the u.s. into the war
pledge the Germans signed to stop unrestricted warfare on ships
what advance/revolution allowed for modern weapons to be produced
some countries got extra soldiers from their_______.
what country declared war on Germany april 6, 1917
the person who assassinated the archduke of Austria Hungary june 28, 1914
the person who took Russia out of ww1

FFA Crossword Puzzle

FFA Crossword Puzzle

The nation FFA emblem, consisting of five symbols, is reperentive of the history goal and future of the _____________?
The cross section of the ear of corn provides the ______________ of the emblem.
The owl, long recognized for it's wisdom, symbolized the _____________ required to be successful in the industry of agriculture.
Memberships grew and the 1929 convention was distinguished by the selection of the national colors, national blue and corn gold, and the naming of the first _________ ___________ _______ _____________
A merging of FFA and the ________ ____________ ______ ____________, the organization for African American agriculture students, took place in 1965.
In 1988, the delegates voted to change the official __________ from the Future Farmers of America to the National FFA Organization.
The heart of the organization is at the __________ level.
The _______________ _________ signifies progress and holds a promise that tomorrow will bring a new day glowing with opportunity.
The ________ signifies labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture and the historic foundation of our country's strength.
The _________ is a national symbol which serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture.
The __________, long recognized for its wisdom, symbolizes the knowledge required to be successful in the industry of agriculture

Countries of the World Word Search

Countries of the World Word Search
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