Where did Michelle & Daniel Meet?
What month did Daniel propose?
What is Daniel's favorite hobby?
Video Games
What is Michelle's nickname?
Where did Daniel propose?
Grouse Mountain
He asked... and she said?
are you sure
Michelle's Favorite Disney Character is?
Daniel's Favorite Video Game?
Michelle and Daniel's First Plane ride was to ?
Disney Land
Whats Daniel's Middle Name?
Michelle's new last name?
How long have Daniel & Michelle been together?
Michelle's Maiden Name?
What is the Father of the Brides name?
What is the Best Man's name?
Michelle & Daniel's dogs name?
Where did Dan & Michelle go to highschool?
Delta Secondary
First date movie (hint: doccumentary narrated by Samuel L Jackson)
African Cats
Where do Daniel & Michelle live?
What's the Bride & Groom's favorite food?

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