granted african americans the right to vote
15th amendment
terrorist group made o confederate soldiers
Ku Klux Klan
was enacted on july 2nd
Civil Rights Act
was a democratic politician from georgia
Herman Talmedge
provide us military aid to foreign nations during WW2
lend lease act
was an american politician , diplomat,activist, and pastor of georgia
andrew young
another name for the first ten amendments
the bill of rights
the first black student admitted to emory university
Hamilton holmes
bug that destroyed cotton
boll weevil
Majority of white men must swear loyalty to the Union, must ratify the 13th Amendment and former confederate officials may vote and hold office
johnson plan
a landmark piece of civil rights legislation
civil rights act of 1964
Abolished Slavery
13th amendment
says all people born in america have the rights to vote exc.
14th amendment
citizens cannot be denied the right to vote race or ethnicity
15th amendment
Segregation Forced separation of whites and African Americans in public places
gave food clothing and shelter to former slaves
freedmans bureua
a person who is against slavery
system of farming in which a person rents land to farm from a planter
tenant farming
A system used on southern farms after the Civil War in which farmers worked land owned by someone else in return for a small portion of the crops
Laws denying most rights to newly freed slaves; passed by southern states following the Civil War
black codes
laws created to separate blacks from whites
jim crow laws
a 1896 Supreme Court decision which legalized state ordered segregation so long as the facilities for blacks and whites were equal
plessy vs. ferguson
first African american mayor of Atlanta
Maynard jackson

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