a situation where a driver should size up the information
judgement call
the action where a battery is attached to a dead vehicle
jump start
energy of motion
kinetic energy
areas of roadway allowing space, time and visibility needed for safe movements
margin of safety
energy of motion, product of weight and speed
a device that measures distance traveled
influnce from close members that are your friends
peer pressure
area of vision from the left and right
peripheral vision
the forward/backward movement of the car
a system used to keep track of traffic violations by individual people
point system
a skid caused when the accelerator pushed suddenly
power skid
the part of the motor vehicle that transmits power to the wheels
power train
a steering method when a driver hands do not cross when turning
push pull feed steering
the time it takes to slow down from one speed to another that is lower
rate of deceleration
a break from activity that causes fatigue
recovery time
a sign that controls the flow of traffic
regulatory sign
the right of one road way user to go before another
right of way
a criminal act directed aganist another person through physical violence
road rage
the feeling that occurs after a vehicle goes through a left right combination
a traffic circle used to control traffic through certian intersections
round about
focusing and looking at everything in the enviroment
a lane that a driver use in any direction
shared left turn lane
a drivers loss of controlin direction in which the car is moving
a safe space margin
space cusion
an intersection where one road ends and splits into two
t intersection