View from a plane
The money you pay to go somewhere by air
to make a journey by air especially unexpectedly or in an emergency
a company that owns aircraft and takes people or goods by plane from one place to another
bags or suitcases belonging to a passenger who is travelling in the same plane
accompanied baggage
a position for an emergency landing of a plane, where the passenger sits bent forward with their hands behind their head
brace position
carry-on bags or cases are ones that you can keep with you on a plane
hand luggage
the process you go through when you arrive at an airport
check in
a less expensive type of seat on a plane
an arrangement between two airlines in which they both sell seats on a flight using their own flight numbers
code sharing
a journey through air or space in a vehicle such as a plane
the feeling of being very tired and sometimes confused because you have travelled quickly on a plane across parts of the world where the time is different
jet lag
ready to get on a plane if there is a seat left when it is about to take off
the fact of being given a plane seat that is better than the one that you have paid for
This is the area of the plane where the passengers sit, generally decided into economy, business and/or first class.
move quickly towards a specific goal
male child

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