Who created the carbon filaments used for lightbulbs
James Latimer
Marie Van Brittan Brown created what for your home?
Security System
Fill in the blank. Madam CJ _______
This item is one of the many hair products made by Madam CJ Walker
Hot Comb
Garrett Morgan added this to the stop light
Yellow Light
This was an outline used by farmers created by Benjamin Banneker
George Washington Carver created many of these products to help keep you clean
This item was vital in the underground railroad
This historic neighborhood is where Annie Malone did much of her work
The Ville
Who perfected work involving the heart pace maker?
Otis Boykins
This person is known for heart surgery
Charles Drew
Who was the first Black Woman elected into congress?
Shirley Chisolm
What was the name of Annie Malone's College?
Poro College
This item aids people in breathing
Gas Mask
Benjamin Banneker outlined this city
Washington DC
Who did George Washington Carver talk to?
Who was the first Black female millionaire in the united states
Annie Malone
What parade is in honor of Annie Malone?
The May Day Parade
The lantern was invented by who?
Michael C Harvey
What state was the first Black congress woman elected in?
New York
What specific piece of the pace maker did one of our Black inventors create?
Control Unit

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