A pre-paper invention by the Egyptians, also the word "paper" is derived from.
The process of pulping wood with physical force to gradually break the wood fibres.
The screen that catches and strains the suspension of broken down plant fibres
A high _______ content will result in a lesser quality paper that is more light sensitive and susceptible to yellowing.
Chemical pulping removes all parts of the wood that are not ________.
Used in the Kraft process of chemical pulping with the addition of sodium sulphide.
The black liquor waste of the Kraft process contains sodium sulphide, lignin, and ________.
Soda Ash
Used to decrease the absorbency of paper.
A deterioration of paper that is often initiated by light, will discolour the paper and can affect both cellulose and lignin.
_______ acid, a weak acid that is a component in human sweat that can transfer to paper in handling.
Yellow and red mildew stains on paper created by microorganisms due to acidic waste.
Cellulose is a linear polymer of ______ units linked by β-1,4 glycosidic linkages.
Along with the United States, this country is the largest producer of paper, pulp, and paper products.
A writing surface predating paper made from splitting sheep or goatskin.
________ is used in the recycling of the black ash product of the Kraft process, it is converted to lime then slaked to produce calcium hydroxide.
Emissions that are produced from the recycling of kraft by products which lead to bad air quality around the mill.
A pulping process that utilizes both chemical and mechanical properties.
__________ alum, Al2(SO4)3•18H2O
The property that dictates that paper will swell with humidity.
Nitrogen dioxide in the air can increase the acidity of the paper by forming both nitric and ________ acids.

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