bauxite is a mineral of this element
hydrogen bridge bond is present in this compound
this element has highest catenation property
group 14 elements have ---------- electrons in their outermost shell
this crystalline allotrope of carbon is used as abrasive
this allotrope of carbon is also called as bucky ball
thermodynamically most stable allotrope of carbon is ---------.
this oxide of carbon is poisonous
carbon monoxide
solid carbon dioxide is also called as ----------.
dry ice
this group 13 element is a non metal
this is the second most abundant element on the earth crust and is a very important component of ceramics, glass and cement
carbon dioxide is an anhydride of this acid
carbonic acid
this compound of boron is used for identification of metals
Silicon carbide(SiC) is also called as ----------.
this element is the third member of group 13 elements
this compound is formed by the reaction between carbon monoxide and chlorine
this unit is used to express the quality of diamond/to measure diamond.
aqueous solution of carbon dioxide is ---------- in nature
boron shows diagonal relationship with this element.
because of this property, carbon forms a large number of compounds.

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