In a vehicle, the manual transmission, a device that engages and disengages the engine.
A crash; the result of one object hitting another with sudden force.
The ability to see colors.
Color vision
Saying out loud what you sense in real-world traffic situations.
Commentary driving
When determining your options, you make comparisons of the information you have.
To make allowances as in compensating while driving impaired with a cold or flu.
Express way that has fixed points of entry or exit.
Controlled access
A skid on a turn or curve.
cornering skid
The way you weigh the benefits you receive from driving vs. what a vehicle actually costs.
cost-benefit ratio
Road that is higher in the center than at either edge.
crowned road
Vision that gives objects their 3-d appearance and enables a person to judge a relative distance between two objects.
depth perception
Ability of a motor vehicle to hold a straight line.
Directional control
A device that allows drivers to communicate their intentions to move right or left by means of blinking light.
directional signal
A brake in which pressure squeezes the brake pads against the flat wheel metal disc.
disc brake
The ability to see distance.
Distance vision
To shift to a lower gear from a higher one.
down shift
Visually interpreting something that is in motion.
Dynamic vision
A signaling device that makes all turn signals flash at once, used to warn other drivers vehicle has stopped or is moving slowly.
Emergency flashers
Controls electrical and other engine systems.
engine control module
Where you enter the freeway.
entrance ramp