is at the lower end of the planning continuum: it embraces activities affecting smaller segments of the of the organizations. (Chapter 1) ans. Tactical plan
Tactical Plan
when an organization is able to develop a compentence that gives it a real " competitive advantage, it is said to be a (Chapter 2) Core Competence
Core Competence
includes laws or statutes, regulations, administrative rulings and court decisions interpreting and applying all these legal authorities. ( chapter 3) ans. legal systems
legal systems
relevant factor in determining the segments that a business will or will not try to serve. (Chapter 4) ans. Infractructure
the more competitors in an industry, the smaller their individual ( Chapter 5) ans. Market share
Market share
the current purpose for the organization's existence. ( Chapter 6) ans. Mission
An organization may move into an area not currently served by anyone at all by creating a new ( Chapter 7) ans. Entity
creating product value for customers in any unique way that they are willing that they are willing to pay more for than it cost the firm to create it. ( Chapter 8) ans. Deferentiation
Collections of policies, procedures, and protocols, combined with people who understand them and their purposes. ( Chapter 9) ans. Systems
encompasses the wide variety of financial metrics that businesses typically use in evaluating their performance. ( Chapter 10) ans. Financial