the greater number.
a legislative, elected body of government
commonwealth parliament
State parliament
a group of countries or peoples united by a common interest
the activities associated with the governance of a country or area.
having two chambers or houses, especially of a law-making body
the senior permanent official who advises on procedure and records the decisions of the house.
the joining together of two or more groups or parties, usually to form a government or opposition
the set of basic rules by which a country or state is governed
a formal discussion in which different views are put to arrive at a decision
a way of governing a country in which the people elect representatives to form a government on their behalf
the branch of government which carries out or administers the laws
having to do with the national Parliament or government rather that state parliaments or governments
the forming of a nation by the union of a number of states
representative of the Queen in a state of the Commonwealth of Australia
the second largest political party or coalition of parties after the government party in the House of Representatives
the head of the national government, the chief minister in some countries, including Australia
prime minister
a matter that has been referred to a parliamentary committee for consideration.
a law made under the authority of an Act of Parliament

a vote by all voters on a question
the signing of a bill by the Governor-General, which is the last step in making a bill into an Act of Parliament, or law
royal assent
One of the two houses of the federal Parliament of Australia, which has 76 Senators
a member of the Australian Senate
a parliamentary period which starts on the first day of sitting after an election
a proposal for a new law which has been presented to Parliament
system of government originating in Britain
westminster system
the committee of senior ministers responsible for controlling government policy.
the greater number
choosing someone to hold public office or some other position by voting.

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