Best rangatahi show at the Iwi Radio Station awards?
RNP Drive
Name of band from Kawakawa Mai Tawhiti?
Where was the Pacific Arts Festival held this year?
What day does Tiny open her stall?
RNP Drive is sponsored by who?
Enterprise Cars
Finalist in the Best Rangatahi Announcer Category?
What kura does Jeff currently teach at?
Rutherford College
The name of Pukana's waiata that hit #no1 on itunes?
Fill in the blank "Te Whare _______ o Kawakawa Mai Tawhiti
The second tallest mountain in the Pacific from Sea Level?
Mauna Kea
Famous NZ Oklahoma City Thunder's player?
Steven Adams
_______ Valley Entrepreneurship?
What Club took out all the JAB grades this year?
"soldiers for the __________"

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