The Main Character of the Book
Leader of the Four, Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, Is a Blue
Best Friend of Liam, Has Horrible Eyesight, Very Thin, Is a Blue
Goes By Zu, Eleven Years Old, Shaved Hair, Wears Gloves, Is a Yellow
Son of the President, Everyone Thought He Went Missing, He Was One of he First Children Admitted To Thurmond, Is An Orange
Clancy Gray
Was Almost Assassinated More Than Once, Has a Son That Everyone Thought Went Missing
President Gray
A British Bounty Hunter Turning In Kids To Try and Gain Enough Money To Illegally Return Home
Lady Jane
Fake Name Is Dr. Begbie, Helped Ruby to Escape, Works With The Children's League, Real Last Name Is Conner
Works With Cate and The Children's League, Drives a Tan SUV, Ruby Saw This Person's Memory of Shooting Two Children
Author of "The Darkest Minds"
Alexandra Bracken
Shortened Name of a Specific Type of Officer
Greek Letter That Is the Symbol of the Book and the Children In it
Adults That Hunt Down Children With Psi Abilities, They Can't Become Official Until They Turn In At Least One Child
Skip Tracers
Who Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu Were Looking For
Slip Kid
The Name of the Van That Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu Used For Transportation
Black Betty
The Color Given To Children With Minor Abilities Such as Photogenic Memory, Immunity to Mind Control, and Intellectual Power
The Color Given to Children With the Ability of Telekinesis
The Color Given To Children With the Ability To Control Technology and Electricity
The Color Given To Children With the Ability of Telepathy and Mind Control
The Color Given To Children With the Ability of Pyrokinesis
The Name of Ruby's "Rehabilitation Camp", Used To Experiment On Children Who Had Abilities, Only Known Camp To Use White Noise
Where Ruby Is From, Setting of The Story
The Location of Slip Kid
East River
Liam's and Chub's Rehabilitation Camp
Where Children Go When They're Seriously Hurt, This Is the First Place Ruby Went When She Got To Thurmond
Referred To As "Calm Control" By The PSF's, Liam and Chubs Didn't Have It At Their Camp, Usually Effects Ruby More Than Others Around Her
White Noise
Final Name Given To the Disease That Killed 98% of America's Children Between the Ages of 10 and 17 Years Old
The Clue That Was Given To Liam and Chubs To Find The East River and The Slip Kid
How Old Ruby Was When She Got Taken To Camp
How Old Ruby Was When She Escaped From Camp