A safety feature that requires the driver/passenger to take action to protect themselves
Active Safety Device
Traction or friction
Regualtes drivers licensing, vehicle registration, etc
Administrative Laws
Speed limit that interrupts normal driving speed for a limited time
Advisory speed limit
Generator that provides electricity
Substance with low freezing point that is added to the radiator
Anti-lock brake system-keeps wheels from locking
Events that could happen
A curve that slopes up from the inside edge
Banked curve
Area outside the vehicle that is not visible to the driver
Blood alcohol content (% of alcohol in blood)
A skid that occurs when the tire suddely loses pressure
Blowout skid
A skid that occurs when you press on the brakes so hard one or more tires lock
Braking skid
Colorless, odorless, highly poisoness gas that is produced by burning fuel
Carbon Monoxide
The point at which the weight of an object is evenly distributed
Center of gravity
The center of your focus
Central Gravity
The force that pushes a moving object out of a curve and into a straight path
Centrifugal force
Selection between 2 or more options
Device that engages and disengages the engine - connected the drive shaft
A crash that results or one object hitting another with sudden force
Ability to see colors
Color vision
Saying aloud what you sense in real traffic situations
Commentary driving
To make allowances while driving impared with a cold or the flu
A skid on a turn or a curve
Cornering skid
Road that is higher in center than edges
Crown road
Vision that gives objects their three dimensional appearance-this helps a person judge the relative distance between objects
Depth perception