_____ Al Riyami is the the Public Relations Officer (PRO) responsible for your visas, ministry health checks, etc. GF
Muna Al ______ shares an office with (1) across, she is our Human Resources Officer. You will have to submit all your documents to her for Ministry of Education approval. GF
Our two main meeting rooms in the main administration building named after two cities of Oman. One is Nizwa and the other ____________ GF
Please see either one of our two accountants for salary issues – _____________ Al Harthy or Jayan Mukundan. GF
Saleh Al Mashari will accommodate all your ___________________ needs. All requests submitted in advance please rather than last minute! GF
___ Humayun (in charge of requisition/procurement) and _____ Al Wahabi (please contact him after an absence to authorise absences). Both share the same first name! GF
CIS coordinator and _________________ coordinator, Nicola Moodley is located in a separate building within the Primary school. GF
Want to meet a ________? Amal Al Bulushi works in the student welfare office, makes appointment for you ensuring effective home-student communication. GF
Chris _____, Director of Technology, hangs out in the Imaginarium room next to the photocopier room! GF
Feeling under the weather? Dr. Azza and Nurse Jocelyn will look after you. Just go to the school __________ GF
Don’t speak Arabic? Need a ____________? See Jumanah Belushi. FF
___________ is in charge of all your maintenance needs. Often found in Head of Services office. GF
To get to Dr. Peter Coles, you will first get to pass through _______ Mufid, Director’s executive assistant. GF
She can solve (almost!) all your IT problems. She is __________ Yhyaae. GF
In charge of our ____________ (room containing a collection of books), Ms. Alaa Al Momani. FF
Our registrar and in charge of ____________ (advertising and promoting the school), our veteran Adnan Sultan. FF
This is a new subject to be introduced in Al Sahwa in 2016/2017. The teacher responsible will be based in the office next to the Business Department office. The subject is __________ FF
All our ________ (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) laboratories are located in the 1 st floor. FF
We have two of these in the secondary schools used for meetings, presentations, i.e. ‘mass communication’. They are ________ rooms, from this year, one located in the Boys’ Secondary and another in the Girls’ Secondary. FF