The Story of Jacob and Esau Crossword

Jacob and Esau were the first pair of this in the bible
Rebekah loved Jacob and Isaac loved _________.
Rebekah started off ___________, meaning she couldn't have any kids
Esau sold Jacob this
Isaac instructed Esau to prepare him a meal so that he could _________ him before he died.
The name of the mother of Jacob and Esau
The bible says Isaac was "growing dim," which really means he was ________.
Jacob was a homebody and Esau was a _____________.
Rebekah oveheard her husbands plans to bless Esau, so she told her son _________________ to bring her young goats
Isaac prophesied that the elder child would serve the ______________ child.
In Jacob's dream, he saw a _______________ from heaven with angels ascending and descending on it.
Esau was so angry, he decided he was going to __________ his brother.

Isaac and Jacob Bible Review Crossword

Isaac and Jacob Bible Review Crossword

Whom did Isaac marry?
Who sold his birthright to Jacob?
What did Esau get in return for his birthright?
The firstborn son inherits this
Who was the king of the Philistines?
Who helped Jacob trick Esau?
Isaac was old and ________.
Jacobs ladder looked like a _______
Jacob met her at the well.
How many years to Jacob work for Laban to marry Rachel?
Laban tricked Jacob into marrying her instead of Rachel.
The name of Jacobs oldest son.
Rachel stole these from Laban.
God __________ with Jacob.
Jacobs name was changed to ________.
God and angels on a stairways to heaven was Jacobs_____.
The place where Jcob has his dream.

Isaac and Rebekah Crossword

Isaac and Rebekah Crossword

She was the daughter of Bethuel son of Milkah, who was the wife of Abraham’s brother Nahor.
The young woman said to Abraham's servant ‘_____, and I’ll water your camels too’
The servant said “______ be to the Lord, the God of my master Abraham, who has not abandoned his kindness and faithfulness to my master.
The servan'ts master Abraham, what was his wife's name?
What did Rebekah use to cover herself when she first saw Isaac out in the field?
When Abraham died, he _______ his son Isaac...
How old was Isaac when married Rebekah?
Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys in her ____.
Of the twin boys, who had the birthright?
Isaac prayed to the _____ on behalf of his wife, because she was childless.

Jacob and Esau Crossword

Jacob and Esau Crossword

Stole His Brother's Birthright
Was Described In The Bible As A Hairy Man
Jacob and Esau's Mother
Jacob and Esau's Father
Isaac Was Old And
Esau Gave Up His Birthright For
Esau Was A
Who Was Jacob And Esau's Mother's Favorite
Who Was Jacob And Esau's Father's Favorite
Jacob Was Described In The Bible As
Which Of The Two Brothers Was Older
The Two Brothers Were Born As
The Bible Says That Jacob Dwelled In

Jacob and Esau Bingo Cards

Jacob and Esau Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Father - Isaac
Mother - Rebekah
Twin Brothers
Skilled hunter
Jacob deceived father
Jacob wrestled with God
Esau sold his birthright
Jacob fled
God named Jacob - Isreal
Jacob and Esau reconcile
Estranged brothers
Abraham - father of Isaac
Chosen to lead a great nation
Jacob left to stay with uncle
Jacob sent gifts to Esau
Jacob bowed 7 times to Esau
Bowing - sign of deep respect
Quiet man staying among tents
Father blessed Jacob not Esau
Esau threatened to kill Jacob
Story in book of Genesis


Jacob and Esau Crossword Puzzle

Jacob and Esau Crossword Puzzle

Wife of Isaac
Son of Abraham and Sarah
Second born son of Isaac
First born son of Isaac
Brother of Rebekah
Isaac losses _____ when he's old
The color of the stew
Jacob trades this with Esau for his right as firstborn
Inheritance bestowed to the first born
Isaac gives a _____ to Jacob
If Jacob is the second born then Esau is the _____
Another name for god
Jacob and Esau's relationship
Something Esau holds against Jacob
Unlike Jacob, Esau's hands are ____

The Stolen Blessing Word Search

The Stolen Blessing Word Search
Word Search


Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau Crossword

Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau Crossword

Abraham sent a ____ to find Isaac a wife
Number of camels the servant took.
Name of Rebekah's brother.
Rebekah and Isaac had ____ boys.
____ was born first and was red and hairy.
The son Rebekah loved most.
What Esau sold his birthright for.
The name of Hittite that Esau married.
When Isaac was old he became ___.
___ were used to make venison and cover Jacob's hands and neck.
Esau got the ___ blessing from his dad.
Esau decided to ___ his brother.
Jacob split his wealth into ___ groups.
What did Jacob sent to Esau to gain his favour?
Jacob and Esau ___ when they saw each other.
The other name given to Jacob by the Lord.

Old Testament People Crossword

 Old Testament People  Crossword

Married Rebekah
Esau is his twin
Beautiful widow
Brothers sold him to salves
Helped and found Israel's King
Very rich man with 10 kids, lots of animals, and servents
Bother of Moses; first priest of Isreal
Had a vision of God
Name was originally Abram
Abraham's wife
Wife of Isaac
Name means "salvation"
Killed Gilliath
Had 700 wives and 300 concubines
Married a prostitute
Pre told the distruction of the temple
Spent 3 days and nights in a fish
Name means "exalted of jehovah"
Died giving birth to her son Benjamin
Led Isrealites out of Egypt and across the red sea
Spent 10 years in Moab

Jacob & Esau Crossword

Jacob & Esau Crossword

the supplanter
red and hairy
father of Jacob and Esau
encouraged Jacob to deceive his father
Esau despised it
brother of Rebekah
what the twins did in Rebekah's womb
Jacob grabbed this when Esau was born
color of Jacob's pottage
Isaac asked for it before he died
Rebekah put it on Jacob’s hands and neck
Esau hated Jacob because of it

Old Testament Crossword Puzzle

Old Testament Crossword Puzzle

______ name in context was "a mother of nations".
Sarah and _______ had a son named Issac.
"Where you go I shall go", was a quote from _____.
_______'s name means "God will Strengthen".
_____ lived her life of fasting and prayer.
______ was known as the "King of Israel".
_______ was the son of Amos, and is said to be a descendent of royals.
Before chosen queen ______ was an orphan.
Abraham has a second son named _____.
________ was the second born twin to Rebekah and Issac.
_______ has two sons, named Jacob and Esau.
_________ laid her child in a basket-boat and let him float down the river so the Pharoah wouldn't kill her child.
________ was the child laid in the basket.
________ was chosen the chosen one to bring the rest of the Israelites to the Promised Land, after the death of Moses.
Little droplet fell in _______'s eyes causing him to go blind.
_______ was the prophet swallowed by a whale.
_________ is a poem about two lovers expressing how much they love each other.
Jacob's uncle _______ tricked him into marrying his sister Leah.
Isaiah was a martyr and was killed by a king named _______.
Jacob took advantage of his _________ and took his birthright.
_____ was originally known as Haddasah.