Quebec is famous for tortiere, maple syrup, cerise de terre and what?
What is the canal called that starts in Ottawa and ends in Kingston
Rideau Canal
Bombardier is famous for making what two things.
airplanes and skidoos
Winterlude festival holds some of its events on the canal in what month
Kingston is the home of what prestigious university?
Which east coast American State does not touch Ontario
What flower is on the Québec coat of arms?
Fleur de lis
What famous repertory event happens at Niagara on The Lake
Stratford Festival
Avian emblem of the province of Quebec
snowy owl
Second largest Frech speaking city in the world
What does "Je Me Souviens" mean?
I remember
What is the Capitol of Canada?
What famous Canadian Female Singer has a Las Vegas show
Celine Dion
Who is the Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau
How many Canadian provinces are there?
Rideau is French for what?
When something is completed it is ____
What structure was once famous for being the tallest in the world
CN Tower
On September 13, 1759, General Wolfe defeated who on the Plains of Abraham outside Québec City ?
The first French explorer to reach Quebec was who?
Jacques Cartier

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