What is the pharmacological action of dexamethasone?
Should be used in combination with a glucocorticoid or a serotonin antagonist to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting
This drug can be adminstered PO, IM, or IV and is primarily used for nausea and vomiting related to surgery or other treatments.
Which patient would you not want to give Aprepitant: pt with seizures, diabetic, or liver failure
Which med can cause prolonged QT interval and can lead to serious dysrhythmia?
Is Aprepitant safe for children?
MOA: Lowers surface tension of the stool to allow penetration of water
What is the therapeutic use of Docusate Sodium?
For this drug, we use low dose for painful elimination of stool, and large doses for colon surgery or diagnostic testing
True or False: Administration of Magnesium Hydroxide can lead deficient levels of magnesium
OSMOTIC diuretics can cause_____________.
In addition to stool softeners/laxatives, the nurse should encourage the patient to eat a diet high in ____________.
How would you know the laxative was effective? The patient had a _____________________.
This is the MOA for what drug class: Activates opioid receptors to decrease intestinal motility and to increase the absorption of fluid and sodium in the intestine
Antidiarrheal medications are pregnancy category C. Would they contraindicated?
For Administration of Antidiarrheals: nurses should educate patient to drink something with electrolytes and no ___________.
The MOA of ____________ is activating the vomiting center to expel gastric contents and causes increase of upper Gi motility, increasing peristalsis.
Which drug is a prokinetic agent? Metoclopramide, Ondansetron, Docusate
True or False: Metoclopramide is contraindicated in GI bleed, seizures, and those at risk EPS(such as elderly and young children)
This drug is approved only for female clients who suffer from IBS/D that has lasted more than 6 months
What would you not want to give with Alosetron because it will decrease the levels and therapeutic effects?
What is the drug of choice for women who struggle daily with IBS/C?
As a nurse, what should instruct your patient to do when taking the medication, Lubiprostone to decrease nausea?
5-Amino Salicylates MOA is it decreases ________________ by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis?
Which of these is not a use for 5-aminosalicyates? nausea, IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcerative cholitis
Which of these is not a contraindication for 5-Aminosalicylates? pregnancy, sensitivity to sulfanomides, thiazide diuretics, beta blockers, and salicylates,
With a patient taking a probiotic and an antibiotic; how long should the nurse instruct her patient to take these apart?
Which drug class helps restore the normal flora in the gut?
What drug class is needed to eliminate H. pylori bacteria?
Histamine 2 recpetor antagonized that works by blocking H2 receptors to reduce gastric acid and hydrogen ions in the stomach
This Histamine receptor antagonist drug can be given PO or IV: IV is given in acute situations; Cimetidine, Verapamil, and Labetalol
True or False: Ranitidine can be taken with or without food?
A proton pump inhibitor that works by blocking basal and stimulated acid production and inhibits the enzyme that produces gastric acid
Would digoxin levels increase or decrease with omeprazole?
True or FAlse:Inform client they can have pneumonia, osteoporosis, rebound acid hypersecretion, and hypomagnesemia when taking Omeprazole
This is used for a patient suffering from acute duodenal ulcers?
This is the prototype for mucosal protectants
You would not give mucosal protectants in what patients: liver failure, diabetics, pregnancy, and kidney failure
Do not crush or chew tablets of sucralfate, you should ___________- in water.
MOA: neutralized gastric acid by producing neutral salts and inactivated pepsin
Therapeutic use of Misoprostal in relation to GI: is prevention of gastric ____________ in patients taking long term NSAIDS

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