What is a group of people who have developed patterns of relationships from being around one another?
What is everything that defines the identity of a specific group of people, including their common traits and customs?
What is a custom passed from one generation t another?
What is an expected pattern of behavior linked to a persons place in society?
What is a brother or a sister?
Consist of a mother, father, and children.
Nuclear family
Is a husband and wife, at least one of whom has children from a previous relationship.
Blended family
A family that includes relatives other than parents and their children.
Extended family
A family with a child who was made part of the family because of the legal system.
Adoptive family
A family that takes care of children on a short term basis.
Foster family
What is the number of years between siblings?
Age span
What is a competition for love and attention from parents?
Sibling rivalry
What is the process families go through as they grow and change?
Family life cycle
What is a home children have left to be on their own?
Empty nest
Ways relating to other people.
Social skills
What is one thing families provide?
Moral support
What is one thing people cannot survive without?
When is one time families help each other?
Who teaches children certain things?
How many family structures are there?

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