The Crucifixion of Jesus - Luke 23:26-49 Crossword

Who carried the cross behind Jesus?
How many others were crucified besides Jesus?
Jesus said: 'Father, __________ them for they do not know what they are doing."
What did the soldiers offer Jesus on the cross?
What was written above Jesus' head? "This is the _____ of the Jews."
Jesus said to one of the criminals, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in __________."
What happened during the sixth hour of Jesus' crucifixion?
What was torn into two?
What did the centurion do when he saw what had happened?
What was the last word Jesus said to God before His last breath?

lent Crossword

lent Crossword

Easter Season
Special Day
do not eat
on your knees
happy day
dust to dust
sorry for sins
hand over
holy day
Type of Religion
Nailed to the cross
Jesus' crew
the tree Jesus was nailed to
Jesus' mother
Jesus was buried in a
last week of Lent
to give up something for something else
to stay away from something
jesus' road to crucifixion
color of lent

Parts Of The Bible Crossword

Parts Of The Bible Crossword

he was crucified on the cross
his name starts with M
the series of books before jesus was born
the series of books after jesus was born
the mother of god
he separated the ocean for the Israelites
the book when god separates the ocean
he wrote the longest gospel
his name was originally Simson then jesus changed it to...........
what is christmas celebrated for? it is four words
when does lent start. what day
when did lent finish this year. what day
what day is easter celebrated each year
What month is christmas celebrated in.
the first book in the old testament
the first book in the new teatament
the second book in the old testament
the second book in the new teastament

Chapter 5 Passion and Death of Jesus Christ Crossword

Chapter 5 Passion and Death of Jesus Christ Crossword

The word_______means witness.
Unfounded prejudice against the Jewish People
The 71 member supreme legislative and judical body of the Jewish people
The name for the four seperate accounts of the Passion of Christ
in jewish history, the priest in charge of the Temple worship
what happens on Holy Thursday
Who betrayed Jesus
Jesus entered________for passover
On Jesus cross it said
Who had to help Jesus carry the cross
God did not abandon_____
the guards camp and __________Jesus
who cut the guard's ear
Peter __________ Jesus 3 times
Where was Jesus Crucified
Another name for God or Father
how many Mary's were at the crucifixion
Jesus told _______ to watch his mom
Who took Jesus off the cross
who was inside the tomb

Catholic Crossword

Catholic Crossword

Jesus called God _____ which means Father
I believe in God, the Father _____
Usually said at the end of prayers
First Sacrament
Becomes the body of Christ
Jesus said "Let the _____ come to me."
A prayer to say before confession is the "Act of _____"
Jesus was hung on a wooden _____
But they shouted all the louder, _____ Him!
Jesus said Peter would _____ him three times
Adam and _____
Jesus shouted out to them, "Come and I will make you _____ of men"
The third _____ Mystery, The Decent of the Holy Spirit
Son of God
Mary was betrothed to a man named _____
_____ Betrayed Jesus
_____ of God
First, God said "Let there be _____"
The name of the bread that fell from heaven
Then Jesus turned to _____ and said "Behold, your son"
2016 was the year of _____
The scene of Jesus' birth
St. _____ was a Bishop in Ireland
Leads the Mass
A prayer with 50 Hail Mary's
A word for Sunday
We were made to Love, Know, and _____ God

Lord of The Flies Crossword

Lord of The Flies Crossword

Piggy's_______light the fire.
The boys start to become_______ the longer they are on the island.
Who cries when Piggy dies?
Percival always say what with his name?
The______was part of the first rule.
What have you been doing? Having a _____ or something?
Where's the man with the_______?
All around him the long_____smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat.
His eyes could not break away and the______hung in space before him. (Abbreviate)
Where does Ralph discover the conch?
What made the scar on the island?
What character lived with his auntie and suffers asthma?
What smashes into piggy and kills him?
Sensitive boy who suffers seizures
What do Roger and Maurice destroy? (Two words)
What kind of island are they on?
What did they see in the jungle and called it the beast?
The signal fire represents?
Piggy can't run because he has_________.
Piggy has been wearing specs since he was______.
Ralph's father was in the______.
Jack's last name?
Ralph says being called Piggy is better than_______.
Jack's in charge of the______.
What are creepers? (other than branches)
In the beginning, Jack couldn't kill the____.
There aren't any________on the island.
Smaller kids are called?
Bigger kids are called?
Henry was the______ of [the littluns].
What compelled the others to listen to Jack?
What did the boys see in the horizon in chapter four?
They let the _______fire go out.
Kill the pig! Cut her _____! Bash her in!
Ralph slowly started treating Piggy with_______.
The littluns keep having________.
Ralph didn't blow the conch in chapter five because he was afraid of losing his_______.
What a place for a_______!
Are all of you off your_______?
Who almost got killed because he was acting like the pig?
Who did Ralph call, "Boys armed with sticks,"?
What do they call their meetings?
The greatest ideas are the__________.
The hunters started calling Jack______.
What gift do they give to the beast? (Two words)
What made the Lord of The Flies look like it was moving?
Piggy said Simons death was an_________.
The hunters took the power to make______when they took Piggys glasses.
Who found the boys?
Ralph began to____because of all that has happened to him.

The Paschal Mystery Crossword

The Paschal Mystery Crossword

Iēsus Nazarēnus Rēx Iūdaeōrum means?
King of Jews.
The reconcilation of God and humankind through Jesus Christ.
The central tenet of Christian theology and part of the Nicene Creed.
A Greek word which derived from the Hebrew word "pesach".
The short final period in the life of Jesus.
Doubted Jesus Christ resurrection.
The only New Testament writer to describe Jesus’ ascent to the spirit world.
Then he was arrested by the Temple guards of the Sanhedrin in the Garden of ________.
Who confesses Christ?
What happened to Jesus after his resurrection and his appearances to the disciples and others?
Mark 15: 42-47 The _____ of Jesus.
Before he was crucified, Jesus was first ridiculed by _____ soldiers.
How many days did Jesus stay on earth before ascending to heaven?
Who ordered the chief priest and the Pharisees to guard the tomb?

Crucifixion of Jesus Crossword

Crucifixion of Jesus Crossword

Where was Jesus taken to be crucified?
Who objected to the sign that Jesus was King of the Jews?
Who divided Jesus' garments by casting lots?
Who did Jesus appoint to take care of his mother?
Who carried Jesus' cross for him?
Who was crucified with Jesus?
What did the people do to Jesus while he was on the cross?
What came over the land from the sixth to the ninth hour?
Who did they think Jesus was calling to?
What did they give Jesus to drink?
What was torn in two from top to bottom?
Who said, "Truly this was the Son of God?"
Whose grave was Jesus buried in?
Who cried out, "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit"?
What happened to the bodies of many saints who had died?
What happened to the ground when Jesus died?
What did Joseph wrap Jesus' body in?
What was rolled in front of the tomb?
What did Jesus give up when he died?
Who had followed Jesus and watched while he died?

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

How many days are in Lent?
What city was Simon who carried the cross from?
Who ordered Jesus to die on the cross?
Who cut off the soldier's ear in the garden?
On what day does Lent start?
What is the day before Ash Wednesday called?
What day is the Last Supper?
What day was Jesus crucified?
What day starts Holy Week?
On Palm Sunday, what town did Jesus ride into?
Who betrayed Jesus for silver?
Who was released instead of Jesus by Pontius Pilate?
Jesus was stabbed on the cross by what weapon?
Who tempted Jesus in the desert while he was fasting?
How many people were crucified with Jesus?
Priests wash peoples' ______ during Holy Thursday mass.
On Good Friday service, you go up to the front of church and ________ the cross.
What station is when Jesus falls for the first time?
Who denied Jesus three times like Jesus predicted?
What is the color for Lent?

Passion and Death of Christ Crossword

Passion and Death of Christ Crossword

Supper Jesus celebrated as a Passover meal
The memorial of Jesus sacrifice on the Cross
The criminal released by Pilate to the crowd, instead of Jesus
Means “place of the skull”
Means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”
The high priest at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion
Means witness
The man who was pressed into carrying the cross for Jesus
A cruel and ruthless Roman governor of Judea
Garden where Jesus prayed in agony and the soldiers came to arrest him
A brutal form of capital punishment used by the Romans that involved nailing
Unfounded prejudice against the Jewish people
The crime of insulting Hod or Claiming Godlike attributes
The person in charge of the Temple worship
Betrays Jesus with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver
God sent his son to die out of
Means God loves us
Jesus shows the depth of God’s love by his Death and
The first and faithful witness to Jesus
God permitted the suffering and death of zjedus because of his ____ love for humans

Lent Crossword

Lent Crossword

How many days did Jesus spend in the desert?
When we don't eat meat we are....
How many stations are in the Stations of the Cross?
What do we put on our forehead at the start of Lent
How many days are in Lent?
What are the colors of Lent?
What are the ashes on ash wednesday made of?
How many Sundays are in Lent?
What Liturgical event happens after Lent?
What was the crown made of they put on Jesus?
How many times was Jesus tempted by the Devil?
Jesus said man cannot live off of _____ alone
Jesus said "do not put the _______ ________ ________ to the test.
God told us not to show others we're ______
Jesus was crucified on a.....
We don't say ______ during Lent
We also don't say _______ during Lent
It is Lenten tradition to visit ______ religious sites during Lent
When does Lent end?
When does Lent start?
When Jesus was Crucified they put a purple _______ around him.
The traditional thing to do during easter is.....
What is Jesus' last meal called
Jesus _______ three days after his death
What do we do on Ash Wednesday