Name of our newest baby Polar Bear
Where can the spider monkeys be found?
Name of newest baby Zebra
What is the name of our cellphone recycling program?
What is the name of our female Sumatran tiger?
We recently announced the birth of a critically endangered _______ star tortoise.
One of our core values (We encourage creativity, strive to think differently and turn our ideas into actions).
What is the last name of our C.E.O
The name of a powerfully built, carnivorous cat with a long, narrow body, that can be found in North-western Canada, western USA, Mexico, Central and South America (it can also be found in the Canadian domain).
Our newest business partnership (they are responsible for the launch of our Panda cam)
Take a walk through _________, home to tigers, orangutans, clouded leopards, Indian rhinos and more!
Where would I find the Green tree python?
Name of our oldest male gorilla and manager of IT
Name of Toronto Zoo Magazine
What percentage do members get off at the gift shop?
There are ___________ gift shops and retail kiosks Located throughout the Zoo.
There are _________ Zoomo Stops around the zoo.
How many pokestops are there in the zoo?
Strategic Plan Goal #2: Enhance the guest experience to appeal to a more diverse audience and _________ conservation action
What type of camels does the zoo have?

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