The period of the past before written records were kept.
The way of life of a particular group of people at a particular time.
A group of nomadic Indians in Georgia from 10000 to 8000 B.C. They lived during the Ice Age and hunted Mastodons and Giant Sloths.
A group of Indians in Georgia from 8000 to 1000 B.C. Who invented pottery and the atlatl.
A group of Indians in Georgia from 1000 BC to AD 1000. Who created the bow and arrow and started trade.
A group of Indians in Georgia from Ad 1000 to AD 1600. Who created fish traps and grew beans for the first time.
A visited area in Georgia with burial mounds from the Mississippian time period which also has different huts from the Mississippian time period.
A visited area in Georgia with burial mounds from the Mississippian time period.
A burial site in the Woodland time period, located in Georgia.
Rock Eagle
A invention that is a weapon during the Archiac time period.
A weapon that was invented during the Paleo period.
A very helpful invention during the Archaic period.
A very efficient invention in the Mississippian period.
Fish Traps
An very accurate invention for hunting that was created during the Woodland period.
Bow and Arrow
A good way to get what you need and give others what they need in an even distribute.
A thing they would bury the people with.
The first way of government in the Mississippian period.
A precious medal that was received by trade.
Inventions that are very helpful for hunting and in some periods they were buried with them.
A sculpture or model of a person.
A firm sturdy making of a wall that weaves wood together(wood and daub).
A scientist that digs up bones and other artifacts.
A point of a spear that was smaller and sharper.
Clovis Point
The state which played a huge role in the place and culture of the Indians.
The specific time period during which the paleo Indians lived in.
Ice Age

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