When did the Bank War begin?
When was the Second Bank of the United States established?
Was Andrew Jackson a supporter of the bank?
What did Jackson fight to preserve?
What is the glorification of a nation?
Critics denouncing the use of political jobs as a reward for party loyalty
What were groups of workers who united to seek better pay and work conditions?
labor unions
What canal reduced the cost of transportation and made NYC the largest commercial center?
What was a tariff on imports designed to protect American industry?
Tariff of 1816
Who were politicians who exploited ethnic tensions?
What is a closed meeting of party members for the purpose of choosing a candidate?
What was the movement of American democracy that used Andrew Jackson as a symbol
Jacksonian Democracy
What was the path traveled by Cherokee Indians as they were being forcefully exiled from their land?
What was the concept where states could void any federal law deemed unconstitutional?
What was the act used to exile the Native Americans?
How many Cherokees died on the trail of tears?
Which economic loss removed many voters from the rolls?
Southerners called the especially high tariff adopted in 1828 the Tariff of _______.
Who was Jackson's Vice President?
John Calhoun
What was the political party led by Henry Clay and Daniel Webster?
George Washington was the first president, which president was Andrew Jackson?
When was Jackson elected?
Election of 1824
How many people ran in the Election of 1824?
Who did Jackson rely on for support?
Martin Van Buren
Did the new Constitution allow women to vote?
What did the Democratic Republicans change their title to?
Jackson really enforced his power to do what to laws?
What did Jackson see the bank as?

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