A Person’s status as Living, Deceased, Missing, or Unknown
A Person pursuing resettlement to the US through the USRAP
An Applicant who has some relationship to one or more Applicants of the case in focus, but who is not a member of the case in focus
A Person who has some relationship to one or more Applicants of the case in view, but who is not a member of any case in WRAPS
A U.S. resident whose relationship to an Applicant grants the Applicant access to the USRAP, and with whom an Applicant may want to resettle
A family tree relationship between two Persons that WRAPS inferred from relationships that a caseworker actively created
Identifies the span of time from when a non-bloodline relationship began to when it ended. Usually referring to the marriage start and end date, but could apply to other relationship types
A US resident with whom an Applicant wants to resettle, but whose relationship to the Applicant does not grant access to the USRAP
The relationship between a Person and the case in focus. Includes Applicant, Associated Applicant, and Associated Individual. See Relationship to Individual/Case
The high-level (core) categories of relationships between people (Spouses, Children, Parents, Siblings, and Other)
A Person who has some relationship to one or more Applicants of the case in view, but who is not a member of any case in WRAPS
A generic term that encompasses Applicants, Associated Applicants, and Associated Individuals
Type of relationship between two individuals. Ex. Blood relative, Non-blood relative

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