I live in the desert, and it is hot there! My body is covered in brown, shaggy hair. There are humps on my back, sometimes one or two. I'm not just for riding, but for carrying things, too!
I swim all day in the deep blue sea, Most people are afraid of me. I have one fin upon my back, When people see it, they yell, "_________ attack!"
I am hot. I live in the sky. I am bright. Don't look straight at me. I disappear in the night.
I am red or green, I am a healthy snack, I make good juice and I grow on trees.
I come in a pair. You have to tie and untie me. Don't go outside without me. Take me off before you go in the water.
You use me when you're in bed to rest your head. I'm soft and comfortable.
I am a piece of furniture Which is often made of wood If you need to eat your dinner Sitting at me would be good
When you flip the switch, I brighten up the room! What am I?
I am small. I can be scary. I have eight legs. I spin a web. What am I?
I have feathers, I fly, I lay eggs and I like to sing. What am I?
Outside I grow big and tall, with leaves of green. What am I?
I have petals filled with colour, I'm pretty and smell sweet. Look down and you will find me near your feet
I have 2 hands on my face; you check on me to keep your pace.
I am a type of mammal Whose height and strength are very great I have big paws and thick fur And in dark caves I hibernate
I’m a pet that has four legs And a tail at the end You might hear me barking And I’m known as man’s best friend
If you want to be a pirate You will need this without fail So that you can travel around You need something you can sail