what was Anh's parents favourite saying?
what a great country
Why was Tram self concious?
How much did the sewing machines cost?
Fifteen thousand
How many sewing machines did the Do family buy?
Where was the refugee camp located?
Pulau Bidong
What highway was mentioned at the start of the book?
What animal is featured on Anh's basketball shoes?
What did Anh's mum do for money?
Where did Anh and his friends see the stand-up comedy show?
Harold Park Hotel
First town Do family lived in Australia
Transport the Do family used to get to Australia
How many pirate ships attacked them on their journey?
Number of people on the boat
Sport Anh was terrible at
Ann's Uni friend/ lover
Anh's best mate
What did Suzie do instead of being a lawyer?
Vietnamese engagement party tradition
Barbequed pig
Anh and Suzie's wedding location
Taronga zoo
What could Anh get his bird to do on command?
What did Suzie tell Anh to get rid of?
Age when Anh & Suzie got engaged
Twenty two
What happened between Tam and Uncle Three
What did Anh know off by heart?
The Do family's first neighbour
Miss Buk
What public transport Anh took when he was almost mugged?
Name of Anh's sister
Vietnamese name for grandma
Ba noi
Anh's jump rope girlfriend
What Anh and his grandma bonded over
Video games
Name of Anh's brother
The company the food vouchers were from
Name of Anh's dog
Animal Joe and Anh saw in the water at the farm
The vehicle that ran into Anh's car

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