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Weeding a Planted Area Crossword


A reason why a tool may not be safe to use.
What should you do to stop catching germs from the soil
You should always check with this person before removing weeds.
A garden tool that will help you remove weeds.
When you have finished weeding you should always do this.
Tools should always be ________ when you have finished using them
A weed is a ________ that is in the wrong place.
Tools should always be stored ______.
A place you can dispose of weeds correctly.
Some plants cannot grow well if they are surrounded by ______.

Cellulite Crossword


What is an adipocyte?
What temperature does Thermavisage need to reach for the body?
Fat cells are found in what?
When cellulite occurs what has happened to the fat cells?
How many grades of cellulite are there?
Fat cells act as receptors to what?
The formation of fat is called what?
Speeding up the break down of fat is called what?
This ingredient can activate Lipolysis.
Hormones, such as oestrogen and ................, aid in the distribution of subcutaneous fat.

Wisconsin Crossword

Wisconsin Crossword

State Flower
State Animal
State Fish
State Bird
State Tree
State Insect
State Capital
A Yellow Cheese
Largest City in Wisconsin
It is Home To The Largest Waterpark in Wisconsin
A State Of Wisconsin That Borders Wisconsin
What Is Made From The State Tree
What City Were You In When You Got This Game
Where Is Wisconsin's Professional Football Team Located
Term For A Severe Winter Storm
What Is The Abbreviation For Wisconsin
What A Person From Wisconsin Is Called
One Of The States Borders Wisconsin On The West
What Borders Wisconsin To The East
What Lake Is To The North Of Wisconsin
What Borders Wisconsin To The East
What Lake Is To The North Of Wisconsin

Geelong Ulysses Exhaust Notes Summer Crossword


World’s fastest……
Short for Tail End Charlie
The name of this organisation
What you call the accelerator on a motorcycle
What you call the clutch on a motorcycle
Name of type of engine on traditional BMWs
Final drive on traditional BMWs
Modern type of braking system
Modern abbreviation for navigation system
This replaced drum brakes
Totally British (well, use to be)
Suzuki’s fastest production bike
Manufactures the Vulcan
Rock band “Born to be wild”
Peter Barclay
Ron Howell
Geelong Ulysses Logo
Usual location for club meetings
Mark is in charge of generating this
Jules co-ordinates this
This Ulysses branch

Vocabulary Unit 3 Crossword


When someone needs help they are
Being in a state of existence , progress or motion
An agreement between two people or groups
When you are in shock or in surprise
A good friend, not a bully
A sorce of a useful tool, supply or material
Reacting to something quickly
Something important the worth of
To do in a new way
To move around without permission

Dental Health Crossword!


The practice of keeping one's mouth clean and free of disease and other problems (2 words, but write it with no space)
The thin, tough shell that acts as the outer covering of a tooth and is the hardest tissue in the human body
A sticky film of bacteria that forms on our teeth
Damage to a tooth's enamel due to attacking acids that bacteria in our mouth make (2 words, but write it with no space)
A mineral found in milk, yoghurt and cheese and helps promote strong teeth and bones
A mineral found in eggs, fish, lean meat and dairy which is good for strong teeth
A vitamin which promotes gum health, is found in citrus fruits but is quite acidic, so can weaken the enamel
A vitamin which helps calcium be absorbed into the body and can be gained from sunlight, oily fish and fortified foods
A mineral that teams up with calcium and phosphate to create a defence system in the enamel and is found in baked potatoes and UK tap water
A carbohydrate that is often added to processed foods, and leads to plaque on the teeth
A drink that helps cleanse the mouth and neutralise plaque acids
Who should take care in looking after their teeth, brush twice a day and floss and visit the dentist regularly?

Chapter 8 Intelligent Crossword


What is the name for a solution that we can solve step by step
simple thinking strategies
a solution that is easy for a person to make
a tendency that can have grave results
to not have a fresh perspective
without reasoning or perception
this occurs in a free flowing way
a termed that was coined by Joy Paul
helps us makes connections in novels
estimating the likelihood of an event by comparing it to an existing prototype that already exists in our mind
overestimating someone's actual ability to perform a task successfully
a tendency to maintain a belief after the orignally information has been refuted
how we represent a problem or issue
ideas that are considered valuable and novel
system for expressing thoughts through speeches of sound or symbols that are written
ability to understand information in a grammatically accurate way
region of the part in front of the brain that controls language expression
a theory made by Robert Sternberg that predict real life abilities
to manage your emotions in a positive way to reduce stress
establishes the norms of a test
how the genes count for a differences in a person's traits
to think and to reason in a abstract way

Tamuning Dialysis Holiday Activity #1 Crossword

Tamuning Dialysis Holiday Activity #1 Crossword

Most common disease contributing to the need for dialysis.
Milk products, bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, potatoes, beans and tomatoes are all high in this.
Excess fluid in the body can cause ____ (swelling).
The number one way to reduce infections. (2 words)
One of the main functions of the kidneys is to ____ waste from blood.
Goal weight when you leave dialysis. (2 words)
Chewing ____ can help with thirst.
Lean meats, eggs, and fish are all good sources of ____ to keep albumin levels up.
What you need to get your medication from the pharmacy. (Only providers can give this.)
Too much of this in your diet can increase thirst.
A condition of reduced blood cells.
What is the name of the facility?
Fruit that is toxic to dialysis patients.
Treatment for people who have kidney failure.
Too much fluid can cause a strain on which major organ?
Fistula, Catheter, and Grafts
A doctor who specializes in kidney failure.
The second leading cause of kidney failure in the United States after diabetes.
Someone who provides an organ or tissue for transplant.
A symptom of high blood pressure.
Phosphate binders should be taken ____ meals.
Kidneys are only about the size of your ____.
Medication that controls the phosphate level in your blood are called phosphate _____. (Hint: Renvela or Calcium Acetate/Phoslo)
High ____ levels can cause itchy skin, weak bones, and damage your heart.
High phosphorous levels can make your skin ____.

Lament for a dead cow Crossword


What is to lament?
Name the poet.
Write one word which explains what is happening in this line, " Siyalila,siyalila inkomo yetu ifile!"
What was the cow's name?
Wetu's coat is compared to what type of fruit?
Which word in the poem, means to get rid of?
What colour is the cow?
Another word for empty is ...
The cow's horns are compared to the....
What figure of speech is found in line 7?

ROB challenge Crossword


Famous quote from Tessa "work hard, _____ hard"
The location of this ROB office is known internationally as the city of Gardens
What does the acronym ROB stand for?
How many ROB offices are there in the province
3 parts to ROB’s model are “set requirements, check outcome and ___________ effectiveness
The hub of the ROB model states that improvement should be ________
One of ROB’s guiding principles is to strengthen engagement with ________ peoples
Is ROB striving to be more proactive or reactive?
This office location is home to a 27 foot tall wooden man
Which ROB team does inspections?
Which team does air audits and water quality monitoring (acronym)
The I in IPMA stands for what?
How many authorization teams are in ROB?
ROB administers authorizations under 2 acts: IPMA and______
ROBLT stands Regional Operations Branch ________ Team
This ROB office location is known as the Tournament Capital of Canada