17th president of the United States. Creator of the Jacksonian Democracy.
Andrew Jackson
Senator from Kentucky, helped Adams defeat Jackson, supporter of the Second Bank of the U.S, opponent of Jackson
Henry Clay
one of Jackson's Vice Presidents, creator of the idea of nullification
John C Calhoun
created to help build infrastructure and increase economic growth, Jackson felt the bank was unfair and 'killed' it
Second Bank of US
The country suffered majorly from this, an increase in prices and decrease in the value of money
the division of the country into regions, or sections based on differences in economics, geography, and culture
after downfall of the Spoil System, gave government employees raises.
Merit System
another term for the Spoil System
Partonage System
Cherokees sign a treaty to sells their land to the US for $4.5 million.
treaty Party
Andrew Jackson can use military forces to put the federal taxes in South Carolina
Force Bill
Secretly written book which explains the rights of individual states to nullify federal legislation that they consider unconstitutional.
Exposition and Protest
Jackson supporters try to sway the presidential votes of others by forming taxes.
Tariff of 1828
Second attempt of the native to stop Georgia’s expansion and stop Georgia from removing the natives.
Worcester Case
Bill into congress that would recharter the bank for another 15 years, Jackson rejected.
Bank Bill of 1832
A Company would connect their road to the national bank, Jackson vetoed the bill.
Maysville Road Bill
Jackson was opposed by this, the government funded it
Bank of the US
name of group against Jackson during his presidency.
Whig Party
Increased the amount of males who were able to vote, not just landowners.
Voting Right
Government is controlled by what the people want.
Popular sovereignty
To spread pride and beliefs of a country to one another.
people believed America was superior to other nations because their culture religion and language.
Manifest Destiny
Jackson helps Martin Van Buren win the election as the 13th president, 3rd democrat to win.
Election of 1836
The banks give too much money in exchange for Gold and Silver, the banks end up closing down and some people are jobless.
The Panic of 1837