____ Hair cuts are recommened to be rebooked in 2-3 weeks
Short hair _____ should be rebooked in 12 weeks
We should rebook a _____ for 6 weeks later to trim
____should be repeated in 2-4 weeks
What other service is recommended for 2-3 weeks?
Rebooking should be discussed prior to going to the
What tool helps to rebook at the stations?
The salon phone gets answered by the ____ring.
To insure good customer servcie, lunches and breaks must be___.
If we cannot accomodate a walkin, we offer a ____appointment
Who is the Center of the Universe?
Each of us has a $25 weekly ____goal.
Do you get commission for online salon product orders?
This starts September 15
What percent of walk in salon retail do you earn?

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