The history of the Jewish people, including politics, culture and religion.
Ancient Judaism
An amazing event performed be Jesus that showed the power of God.
Following the call of Jesus in thought, word and deed.
A thanksgiving meal, which is celebrated by Christians. It is one of the sacraments in the Catholic Church.
One of the four Gospel writers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Stories of Jesus' life that are found in the New Testament. The word means 'good news'.
The region where Jesus lived, preached and died. At the time it was known as Palestine.
Holy Land
A way of living based on Jesus' message of truth, justice, peace and love.
Kingdom of God
Being willing to suffer and die for your religious beliefs.
Something that is done to remember and honour the memory of someone or something.
Jewish people awaiting a redeemer, who would free them from Roman rule.
Messianic expectation
Continuing the work of Jesus on earth.
Short story told by Jesus to teach about the Kingdom of God. A story with a meaning.
The festival celebrated by Jews to remember the events that led them to freedom.
The event marking when the Apostles were given the Holy Spirit.
Jesus was restored to life three days after he died.
The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are called this because they present the same viewpoint. Have many similarities.
To see and give evidence about something.

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