To clean contaminated areas of the body
Safety Shower
To clean contaminated eyes
Eye Wash
To put out fires
Fire Extinguisher
To exit the building in case of a fire or threat
Emergency Exit Routes
Contains band aids, gauze, ice pack and etc.
First Aid Kit
To alert people of a fire
Fire Alarm
Contains all the chemicals used in the lab, potential hazards, and what to do if exposed
Contains facility numbers
Emergency phone list
Container that stores broken capillary tubes and lab tubes
Broken Glass Disposal
Contains used needles
Sharps Disposal
Bin that contains contaminated materials and sharps containers
Biohazard Disposal
Bio-hazard and chemical stickers
Cabinet that removes contaminated pathogens
Biosafety hood
Protects the face from body fluids
Splash Shield
Protects the eyes from body fluids
Safety Goggles
Cleans contaminated surfaces
Disinfecting Solution
Contains items to clean large amounts of blood
Spill Kit
OSHA standards for workplace safety and hazards
Safety Policy
Eliminates or minimizes potential workplace hazards
Exposure Control
Separates blood from plasma or serum
Covered Centrifuge