This mixing method is used for pastries and biscuits.
A common mixing method requires just one of these.
A mixture that is similar to a dough but has more liquid in it.
Produce during baking as water in the product heats.
An ingredient that adds flavor,nutrients, richess,and color.
Products with this type of filling must be refrigerated to prevent spoliage.
Cream of tartar is a powdered ___ found in baking powder.
This type of dough is firm to the touch.
The most common sugar.
Flavoring in liquid form.
If the ___ is too large or too small, a baked product will not be baked properly.
Products bake by dry heat in a ___ oven.
Do this the oven to ensure accuracy of cooking times.
To work dough with the hands to mix ingredients and develop gluten.
This ingredient combines with an acid liquid to produce gas for leavening.
This kind of paper may melt if used as a pan liner.
This type of batter is thick and is usually spooned into pans.
This kind of paper is recommended as a suitable pan liner.
This type of batter is thin enough to pour in a steady stream.
Wax in waxed paper does this when heated.

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