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Personal Finance Vocabulary One Crossword


An account with minimum balance requirements moneymarketdepacct
Created when a company invests the funds of many investors in diversified portfolios mutualfund
Reduces risk by spreading money among a wide array of investments foliodiversification
Savings for the future by putting money aside before paying monthly bills payyourselffirst
The original amount of money saved or invested principal
The total return on an investment expressed as a percentage of the amount of money saved rateofreturn
A fee charged for the use of property or land rent
The profit or income generated by saving and investing return
The chance of lost from an event that cannot be entirely controlled risk
Accumulation of excess funds by intentionally spending less than you earn saving
Portion of income not spent on consumption savings
An account at a depository institution that is designed to hold money not spent on current consumption savings account
Accounts offered by depository institutions whose main purpose is to help people manage their money savings tools
Have the potential for significant fluctuations in return over a short period of time speculativeinvest
A share of ownership in a company stock

11-1: Savings and Investment Worksheet

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an institution that collects funds from savers and invests the funds in financial assets. Financial Intermediary
a pool of money managed by an investment company that gathers money from individual investors and purchases a range of financial assets. Mutual Fund
the use of assets to earn income or profit for future benefits. Investment
money lent to businesses to finance the construction of a new factory Economic Investments
the act of an individual putting their savings into a financial asset. Personal Investment
Income not used for consumption. Savings
where long term financial assets are bought and sold. Capital Market
where short term financial assets are bought and sold. Money Market
for buyers buying directly from the issuer. Primary Market
where financial assets are resold Secondary Market
claim on the property of the buyer Financial Asset

Chapter 12 Banking Procedures and Services Crossword


A financial institution, such as savings bank, that is legally allowed to accept monetary deposits from consumers Depository Institutions
Insurance companies, finance companies, securities firms, and investment companies that provide certain financial services but do not accept traditional deposits Nondepository Institutions
Provides banking customers with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a bank teller Automatic Teller Machine
An account into which you deposit money and from which you gradually withdraw money by writing checks or using a debit card Checking Account
A written order from you to your bank instructing it to pay money from your account to another party Check
Functions like checking account but pays a small amount of interest on money in the account. Require the user to maintain a minimum balance in order to earn interest Negotiable Order of Withdrawal
Enables you to withdraw cash from your account at ATMs, or to pay directly for goods or services at many stores and restaurants Debit Card
Typically a four-digit number needed to access a bank account or debit card PIN
A small ledger for keeping track of checking account balance Check Register
Small containers located inside a bank vault used to store valuable documents such as wills and small objects such as jewelry, rare coins, and legal documents Safety Deposit Boxes
A type of check that is written to a specific payee but charged against a bank instead of an individual account Cashiers Check
Functions similarly to a cashiers check. It is purchased for cash so that the recipient can trust its worth Money Order
Checks paid for in advance and written by a large financial institution with no payee specified Travelers Check
Used to authorize someone to withdraw money from a bank account automatically to satisfy some financial obligation Bank Draft
Authorization for someone to access a bank account for payment or deposit Electronic Funds Transfer
A U.S. government agency that provides insurance on bank deposits FDIC
A U.S. government backed agency that provides insurance on credit union deposits NCUSIF
Functions similarly to a bank but has nonprofit status and is owned by its members Credit Union
Serves as the central bank of the U.S. Federal Reserve System
Primary tool to fight inflation and promote a healthy economy; involves raising or lowering of the money supply to achieve some goal Monetary Policy
Money currently used in the United States; has value not because the coins and bills have some value in their own right, but because the government orders that it be accepted as payment Fiat Money
A goal of the Federal Reserve System to ensure that inflation or deflation does not occur Price Level Stability

Personal Finance Vocabulary Two Crossword


A form of lending to a company or the government (city, state, or federal) bond
Facilitates the buying and selling of investments from a stock exchange brokeragefirm
Unearned income received from the sale of an asset above its purchase price capitalgain
An account at a depository institution that is used for a fixed period of time and allows restricted access to the funds deposited certofdeposit
An account that allows quick access to funds for transactions checkingaccount
Earning interest on interest compoundinterest
The purchase of goods and services consumption
Businesses that provide financial services depositoryinstitute
Only completes orders to buy and sell investments discountbrokerage
The share of profits distributed in cash dividend
When you complete a task yourself rather than paying someone else doityourself
Cash set aside to cover the cost of unexpected events emergencysavings
A trained professional that helps people make investing decisions financialadvisor
Offer investment transactions as well as investment advice and a finaincial advisior brokeragefirm
A group of similar stocks and bonds index
A mutual fund that was designed to reduce fees by investing in the stocks and bonds that make up an index indexfund
The rise in the general level of prices inflation

Financial planning and money management Crossword


managing day-to-day money to pay bills, buy food, save Budgeting
The most expensive way to borrow unless repaid in full at the end of the month. Credit Card
A pot of money that can be used to cover unexpected spending,loss of income or other unexpected financial problems is called Emergency Fund
making plans to meet short- and long-term needs. Financial planning
the process of managing money(budgeting,saving,investing) money management
a loan to help people buy houses or flats. They are offered by banks and can last for 30years mortgage
the amount a person earns after deductions have been taken by goverment for tax and national income net income
a target; something that the individual wants or needs to achieve objective
offered by banks, building societies and some specialist firms. It is paid back with interest over a short time. Personal loan
the most common form (in the UK) of collective fund, allowing many investors to pool their money together unit trust

Unit 6: Introduction to Investing Crossword


Investment contracts in which the investor exchanges a sum of money for a series of payments over time. annuities
A loan to a company to finance a wide array of business purposes—from short-term inventory financing to long-term investments in equipment. commercial loan
A method of interest payment. This is calculated by adding the interest earned by the investment to the previously earned interest. Each time interest is added to your savings the next interest amount is compounded on the new balance. compound interest
A combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses that fall under one corporate structure. conglomerate
Regularly purchasing stocks or mutual funds, whether they are high or low, by investing a constant dollar amount so that over the long term the high and low prices of the investment products average out. dollar-cost averaging
An employer-sponsored retirement plan that allows a worker to save for retirement while deferring income taxes on the saved money and earnings until withdrawal. 401k
A riskier type of investment with a higher potential for return. Examples include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds growth investment
Subject to fast, extreme changes in price or value. volatile
Planning investments and other transactions to match the money and other assets available to an individual over time to the ways in which they want to spend those assets, including personal consumption, charitable donations, support for family members, and gifts. wealth management
A legal relationship in which one person or company holds property, which can include money, real estate, stocks, bonds, collections, automobiles, and personal possessions for the benefit of another. trust
Accounts that can receive and hold funds for a specific purpose such as retirement, college tuition, or medical expenses. If these accounts are established according to federal tax rules, the owner of the account will not have to pay income taxes on the money placed in them until it is withdrawn tax-deferred accounts
The rule is a simplified way to determine how long an investment will take to double, given a fixed annual rate of interest. By dividing 72 by the annual rate of return, investors can get a rough estimate of how many years it will take for the initial investment to duplicate itself. rule of 72
The chance that the rate of return on an investment will be different from what you expected. risk
Accounts that permit individuals to save and invest funds without paying taxes on the income from the investment as long as the proceeds are eventually applied to legitimate educational expenses at an accredited institution. educational plans
The strategy of pursuing an assortment of investments to minimize the effects of risk and volatility. diversification
Helping individuals or a family determine in advance what will happen to their money and other assets after the death of one or more individuals in the family. estate planning
Describing a future financial goal and computing the kinds of income, savings, and investment that will be necessary to achieve the financial goal. financial planning
A safer type of investment with a lower potential for return but that provides regular incomes to investors. Examples include savings accounts and certificates of deposit. income investment
The percentage return on an investment over a set time period, usually a year. interest rate
The original amount of money a person invests (as opposed to interest). principal
The amount of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested, usually expressed as an annual percentage. rate of return
Anticipating a desired or necessary future income after retirement and then creating a plan for the amount of savings and investment needed to create that future income. retirement planning
A company whose main business is holding securities of other companies purely for investment purposes. The investment company invests money on behalf of shareholders who in turn share in the profits and losses. investment service
The ease with which an investment can be converted into cash. liquidity

Financial System Crossword


Financial markets issue claims on individual borrowers directly to savers Direct Financing
Financial institutions or intermediaries act as go-betweens by holding a portfolio of assets and issuing claims based on that portfolio to savers Indirectfinancing
firm tend to acquire a large chunk of equities from in a new firm, and sit on the firm's board of directors to observe management's actions closely. When venture capital
.......market is for the trading of new securities never before issued. Primary
....a sale of equity or debt in primary market Private placement
....... market is a financial market where only short-term debt instruments (maturity less than one year) Money
....... market, is designed to trade contracts calling for the future delivery of financial instruments. Future
.....are security traded in Debt Market Bonds
Indirect financing involves ..... Asset transformation
Markets that trade debt (bonds) and equity (stock) instruments with maturities of more than one year Capital Market
...........perform the essential function of channeling funds from those with surplus funds to those with shortages of funds Financial Intermediary

2.01 Vocabulary Crossword


A machine that allows individuals to complete certain transactions from the machine without human assistance automated teller machine
An account that allows quick access to funds for transactions checking account
For profit depository businesses that offer financial services to both cusumers and other business commercial bank
payment transactions that can be completed with no physical connection between the payment device and the physical point of sale (POS) terminal or store clerk contactless payment
Depository institutions that offer many banking services and are owned by their costumers credit union
a plastic card that is electronically connected to the cardholder's depository institution account debit card
Businesses that provide financial services depository institution
The price paid for using someone else's money interest
The percentage rate used to calculate interest interest rate
Apps that many depository institutions have developed that allows online banking access from devices such as smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices mobile banking
An account at a deporitory institution that is desgined to hold money not spent on current consumption savings account
Accounts offered by depository institutions whose main purpose is to help people manage their money savings tool

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Regular CDs MMAs
Pay Day Loans
Credit Score
Impulse buying
Pay Back Debt
Legal penalties
Stocks & Bonds
ABA Routing #
Bad Credit
Liberal Arts
Credit Unions
Discretionary expense
Family interaction
financial action plan
Banks keep money safe


Business Key Terms Crossword


When an individual is unable to pay debts. Bankrupt
To allocate money for benefit in the future. Investment
A financial gain. Profit
Money collected from tenants for the use of property. rent
The value of the shares issued by a company. equity
Advice on money issues. Financial Advice
A plastic card issued by a bank. Credit Card
A company provides compensation for loss. insurance
Money borrrowed from a financial institution to buy property. mortgage
Minimum numbers of hours that have to be worked. casual work
A legal order so that a certain amount of money can be deducted from a borrower’s wages to repay debt. garnisheed
A sumof money paid by the financial sector in return for the investment of money. interest
A type of employment where regular hours are worked at a fraction Part-time work
Debt restructuring. Refinancing
Prevents something else from being harmed. savings buffer