Back in the early 1900s, how many dresses did women wear in a day
What was the name of the era that influenced early 1900s fashion?
In 1910, what dress accessory became out of fashion? This accessory helped women achieve a small waist
What accessory would women wear to protect their clothing while riding in the automobile?
Long beads, loose fitting dresses with shorter hemlines- these are the characteristics of what dress style?
In the 1910s and 1940s, what influenced men’s fashion?
In which decade did shoulder pads begin to emerge in women's fashion?
Which style of music influenced fashion in the 1950s? (word-and-word)
In the 1920s women transitioned from wearing barrel-shaped outfits to ___ outfits (two words)
Which accessory was most prominent in the 1920s? - these accessories were worn around the neck and wrist and on the hands as well.
When did the first three-piece suit emerge for men?
Who revolutionized 1940s fashion with his ‘New Look’?
What was a popular silhouette look in the 50s? (two words)
What is the name of the feminist ideal that emerged in the late 19th century and also had a great influence on feminism well into the 20th century? (two words)
Who popularized the simplistic, straight-lined flapper style of the roaring 20s?
An idolized figure through the fashion reform of the 20s was… (she was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald)
What major event sparked the dress reform in the 1910s? (its the abbreviation for the name)
Post-Women’s suffrage, women in baseball during the progressive period tried out ___ for their uniform
Which sport helped influence the switch to more manageable clothing for women to wear?
What famous fashion magazine began as a weekly newspaper in 1892 in the U.S?
In which month of the year 1932 did American Vogue place it's first color photograph on the cover?
What year did Vogue become a monthly publication?
Who founded Vogue?
What was a common hairstyle for women in the 60s?
Which movement cause an uprising in experiments with many colors and patterns? (two words)
What was the name of the corset that was fashionable during the 1900s? (letter-word)
In the 1930s, which type of neck line became more popular? (word-letter-word)
Because of WW2 in the 40s, women had to fill the mens jobs which caused what accessory to become more unisex?
Which sleeve style from the early 1900s resurfaced in the 1950s? (two words)
What was the iconic skirt design in the 50s? (two words)
When did the grunge era begin?
Which style of pants did the hippies popularize? (two words)
Which style of music introduced platform shoes?
This type of top became a widespread phenomenon in the early 70s. Often most outfits were judged and almost entirely depended on this.
Which decade broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the time?
Which first lady introduced the pillbox hat?
Space age fashion came into style because of what major event? (two words)
The overall silhouette narrowed and straightened, beginning a trend that would continue into the years leading up to what war? (two words)
____ is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing (two words)
Which animal skin were commonly used to make shoes in the early 1900s for people in a higher social class?

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