A form of biblical interpretation that considers the explicit meaning of the text
Literal Sense
Form of biblical interpretation that goes beyond the literal sense to consider Scripture signify and mean for salvation
Spiritual Sense
Literal meaning: the serpent
Literal sense: the woman
Literal meaning: The woman's offspring
Jesus Christ
The work of salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ mainly through his Passion, death, Ressurection, and Ascention
Paschal Mystery
The belief in many gods
This is the physical mark of the covenant between Abraham and God
The father or leader of a tribe, clan, or tradition
God's manifestation of himself in a visible form to enrich human understanding of him
A Hebrew word meaning "law," referring to the first five books of the Old Testament
A sacred chest that housed the tablets of the Ten Commandments
Ark of the Covenant
A Canaanite woman who risked her life to help protect Joshua's spies in the city of Jericho
The Persian emperor who conquered Babylon and ended the Jewish Exile
King Cyrus
A Moabite woman who married an Israelite man