Indicates a location represented by a dot
Represented by a stright line
Flat surface that extends withoout end
Points on the same line
Co-linear points
Points not on the sme line
Non Co-linear points
The set of points that two geometric figures have in common
Part of a line with two endpoints and all points inbetween them
Two segemets with the same length
A point that divides a segment in half
A point,line,ray, or othther segment that intersects a segment at its mid point
Segemnt bisector
Part of a line with one end point and all points of the line on one side of the endpoin t
Coplanar lines that never intersect
lines that meet to form right angles
noncoplanar lines that never intersect
Endpoint of the rays that form an angle
Angles that have the same measure
Angles that share a common side,common vertex,and no common interior point
Two angles with the same vertex whose sides are oppisite rays
An angle less then 90
An angle more than 90 and less then 180
A 90 degree angle
A 180 dgree angle
two angles that add up to 90 degrees
A pair of angles that add up to 180
A Pair of adjacent ANGLES THAT ADD UP TO 180
Linear Pair

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