The repetition of constant sounds at the beginning of words
The repetition of vowel sounds within the non-rhyming word
A writers account of his or her own life
People animals or imaginary creatures who take part in a work of literature
The true account of a persons life written by another person
The point of greatest interest in a story
A struggle between opposing forces
Ideas and feelings associated with the word
A rhymed pair of lines may be written in any rhythmic pattern
A Words dictionary definition
Form of language that is spoken in a particular place
Written conversation between two or more characters
It's part of a typical story plot
Stage of the plot in which the story begins to draw to a close in
Falling action
Prose writing that tells in imaginary story
Occurs when a writer provides hints that suggest future events in the story
Refers to a category in which a work of literature is classified
Figure of speech in which the truth is exaggerated
Expression that has a meeting different from the meaning of the word
Consists of a word and phrases that appeal to a readers five sense

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