repetition of a constant sound at the begging of words
repetition of vowel sounds with non-rhyming words
idea's and feelings with he word as opposed to its dictionary definition
Rhymed pair of lines
A conversation between two or more characters
First stage of plot of a typical story plot
writing that tells an imaginary story
a category in which a work of literature is classified
figure of speech in which the truth is exaggerated for emphasis
the voice that tells the story
has a meaning different form the meaning of its individual words
comparison of two things that are basically unlike but have same qualities in common
series of events in a story
how a writer chooses to narrate the stroy
Point of view
repetition of sounds at the end of words
stage of plot that develops the conflict or struggle
Rising Action
express the writer's attitude toward his or her subject
feeling of growing tension and excitement felt by the reader
message about life or human nature that a writer shares with the reader
the success of writing depends on the writers choice of words
Word Choice

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