Where Jamie was born and raised until his family including him got in a car crash killing everyone but him, paralyzing Jamie from the waist down.
A paralyzed kid in a wheelchair with a great sense of humor. He is great at telling jokes so he entered the Planets Funniest Kid Comic Contest.
One of Jamie's best supporters and friends. He is an interesting kid with tattoos, a nose ring, and a place in his heart for every he sees.
Another one of Jamie's best friends who is also a great supporter and a genius when it comes to math, science, social studies, language arts, fun facts, or really anything else.
A county of New York on Long Island where the Long Island local competition round of the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic is held.
Also known to Jamie as "cool girl", she is one of Jamie's best friends and also kind of his girlfriend. She is not afraid to ask any questions or say anything that is on her mind.
One of Jamie's adopted brothers and the big bad bully of Long Beach Middle School. Some of his favorite activities is punching goldfish, tormenting kids, and making Jamie look like a loser.
Jamie's nickname for his adopted family that took him in after the car accident. They have almost no sense of humor and never laugh, smile, or even grin.
Probably Jamie's biggest supporter by far and the greatest uncle ever. He is the one that tells Jamie he is funny everyday and convinced him he could win the Planets Funniest Kid Comic Contest. He also owns Frankie's Good Eats By The Sea.
This is the patients of Hope Trust Children's Rehabilitation Center nickname for it because they thought they were lost causes. Jamie went here after the car crash and was rehabilitated but still remains paralyzed from the waist down.
Another one of Jamie's best friend is a girl that has a bubbly laugh that inspires Jamie to tell jokes. She also has a good few jokes up her sleeve.
The oldest diner in the New York metropolitan area! It is owned by Jamie's Uncle Frankie and it is also were Jamie gets to spend time with him. Jamie works at the register and tells jokes to every customer.
Uncle Frankie is the champion of all of Brooklyn in this sport. He can "walk the dog", "hop the fence", and do many other tricks. He even does it while he's cooking at his diner.
One of Jamie's biggest role models and a comedy legend. Jamie has a dream about him convincing him to join the Planets Funniest Kid Comic Contest. He also grew up on Long Island, New York City.
An island in New York where Jamie moves to from Cornwall after the car accident that killed his parents and sister. This is were his adopted family nicknamed the "Smileys" and his Uncle Frankie lives.
Jamie's favorite customer at his uncle's diner. Jamie works behind the cash register and always tells the customers jokes.To this person in particular he tells a Russian comedian's jokes named Yavok Smirnoff.
An annoying kid that tells extremely corny jokes that nobody laughs at and is one of Jamie's competitors in the New York state finals. He is from a city called Schenectady in New York and performs before Jamie, getting no affection from the crowd.
Another one of Jamie's competitors in the New York state finals. She has a development deal with Disney to become the next Hannah Montana. Jamie hopes that if he doesn't win she does.
The name of a popular comedy club where Jamie and the other New York finalists compete in the New York state finals to become New Yorks Funniest Kid Comic and go on to more rounds of the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest.
Take the first letters of the contest Jamie enters and put them one by one in order on the crossword puzzle to get the answer. (Abbreviation for the contest Jamie enters)

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