were white southerners who joined the republican party?
as the northerners economy grew,congress decided to help pay for war by collecting he nations first ...a tax that takes a specified percentage of an individual's income
income tax
uncle toms cabin NOVEL published in 1982 which streesed slavery
harriet beecher stowe
after shooting the assassin,26 year old actor and southern sympathizer-
john wilkes booth
the period during which the united states began to rebuild after the civil war, lasted from 1865 to 1877
lincons speech
gettysburg address
the confederate then unanimously eleceted former senator of mississippi as president
jefferson davis
led destructive march through georgia
william t sherman
northerners who moved south after the war?
slave who sued for his freedom?
dred scott
site of south's surrender
appomattox court house
provided food clothing,hospitals,legal protection,and education for former slaves and poor white in the south
freedmen's bureau
confederate military leader
robert e lee
famous union nurse
clara barton
author of uncle tom's cabin
harriet beecher stowe
the civil war got underway with the confederate attack on
fort sumter
one of the most famous conductors on?
underground railroad
a draft that forced men serve in the army
the tide of war turned in north's favor at the battle of
the reconstruction act was the product of the ...who also wanted to punish the outh and destroy the power of the former slaveholders
the 14th president
franklin pierce