Patuxet man who assisted the pilgrims after their first winter
Commander in chief of continental army during the American Revolution
George Washington
Political protest by sons of Liberty. Protested British taxes
Boston tea party
Civilian colonists who independently formed militia
Revenue from American colonies by having them put stamps on almost all printed goods
Stamp act
Person who vigorously supports their country and are prepared to defend it
American citizens who remained loyal to the british
First military engagement of the revolutionary war
Lexington and concord
First permanent English settlement
Place of the siege of Boston during revolutionary war
Bunker hill
A person who travels to a sacred place for religious reasons
A group of English Protestants who sought to rid all Roman Catholic practices
Imposed taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea
Townshend acts
Incident in which British armed soldiers killed 5 male civilians and injured 6 others
Boston massacre
Secret society formed to protect the rights of colonists and fight taxation from parliament
Sons of Liberty
Shipping goods from Britain to west Africa for slaves, then slaves go to West Indies for sugar, rum, etc. then back to Britain
Triangular trade

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