the simplest form of matter that has a unique set of properties.
a substance that contains two or more elements chemically combined in a fixed proportion.
A change that produces matter with a diffrent composition than the original matter.
a one-or-two-letter representation of an element.
An arrangment of elements in which the element are separated into groups based on a set of repeating properties.
A horizontal row of elements in the periodic table.
A vertical column of elements in the periodic table; the constituent elements of a group a have similar chemical and phsycal properties.
The ability of a substance to undergo a specific chemical change.
A change in which one or more reactants change into one or more products; characterized by the breaking of bonds in reactants and the formation of bonds in products.
A substance present at the start of a reaction.
A substance produced in a chemical reaction.
A solid that froms and settles out of a liquid mixture.
In any physical change or chemical reaction mass in conserved.

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