What does Inuit mean?
What year was a major war for Canada in the 1800s?
What year was Canada's first prime minister elected?
Who was Canada's first prime minister?
John A Macdonald
When did Canada join World War II?
What is the capital of Canada?
What's Canada's most popular sport?
When was Nunavut established?
How old do you have to be to vote?
Canadian Hero.(He ran across Canada)
Terry fox
What is the name of the famous poem written by John McrCrae?
Flanders Field
What day was D-Day?
June 6 1944
What is the highest honour a Canadian?
Victoria Cross
What is November 11?
Remembrance Day
What is the national anthem?
O Canada
What colour is Canada's flag?
Red and white
When did British Columbia join Canada?
Which Canadian invented basketball?
James Naismith
When was basketball invented?
When did Terry Fox started running?
When was Canada United?
What do you wear on Remembrance Day?
Red Poppy
When was Flanders Fields composed?
Who found Canada first?
Samuel de Champlain
When did Jacques Cartier make his first voyage to Canada?
What word does Canada come from?
What language does Kanata come from?
What year did the war of 1812 end?
When was Alberta founded?
Who was the first French- Canadian prime minister?
Wilfrid Laurier

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